Star Wars: The Old Republic - Up to $35 Off at Origin

Origin are offering up to $35 off Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The game is available as both the Standard Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

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NYC_Gamer2094d ago

The community in TOR must be on a real decline

Kamikaze1352094d ago

It is. With 150+ servers and no ability to transfer, the community feels dead on most servers and a lot of people are leaving because of it.

sjaakiejj2093d ago

Funny, that's exactly why I still play the game when I get the chance. Dead servers means no people bothering me whilst I'm playing, making it more of a single player experience, instead of queuing up by a spawn point to finish a quest.

Brasi822094d ago

I think it's more of a "We've already made a profit just from selling the game at retail. Now lets get some longevity by getting more Subscriptions" While they did go overboard with the number of servers, the community has itself to blame. All I seen the first 2 1/2 months was "OMG, I have to wait in a queue for 5 minutes? What BS!"

atticus142093d ago

very true, but they should have already been merging servers...but that would be like admitting defeat; EA and Bioware are both pretty smug about that...they don't know what to do if they cant blame it on pirating.