Review: Xenoblade Chronicles []

By Kyle Orr

Xenoblade Chronicles has been a long time coming for North American Wii owners. The game released last year in both Japan and in Europe while Nintendo of America held fast to the notion that it would never make the trip across the pond. Due to an overwhelming response as part of Operation Rainfall, a movement started to get three high-profile Wii games released in America, Nintendo decided it is worth their time to bring it out in America.

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Xbot3602215d ago

A wii game worth playing? I'm intrigued.

TheDivine2215d ago

Game is one of the best rpg's of this generation. If your a wii owner you should buy this game. If your a rpg fan without a wii you should go buy a wii and this game. It so massive, beautiful, and it has a good story with cool races and characters. This is the type of game we have been missing this gen. I hope nin take notice and see theres a huge market for jrpgs in europe and the us and a lack of these titles on hd consoles.

Xbot3602215d ago

Is this how j RPGs have evolved or the best features of a j RPGs?

2215d ago