Mass Effect 3 - Insanity Guide

This guide covers how to beat all of the main story missions in Mass Effect 3 on Insanity.

Some basic info about this guide:

Infiltrator Class.

Starting a new game from level 1 (no imported character or save files)

Stasis (bonus power for beating the game once).

Going Paragon with possible Renegade choices.

Talking to crew members will be done off camera unless it ties to the main story.

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crxss1974d ago

take out engineers and their turrets, that's how you beat insanity. it's pretty easy if you can do that.

Thatlalala1974d ago

Garrus, Liara, Adpet build with energy drain. Now Overload and Biotic Explode everything. Easy mode for insanity. Not only Can you handle everything with these two. But being an adept with energy drain allows to you carry your other teammates when those two cant be there.

oNIXo1974d ago

Engineer is all you need. With Tali in your party you have 4 drones and three people. Super easy mode.

V1ncent1Zer01973d ago

Soldier class. Unlock carnage and max it. Garrus & that pole dancer from Omega. Job done.