Grand Knights History May 29th Release Date Listed By Retailer

The long-awaited PSP title Grand Knights History has sort of disappeared lately. XSEED announced they were publishing it and then no info was given after that, until now.

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biosonico1971d ago

I Hope so, but Vanillaware hasn't said a word about it in a long time. And dragon's crown is launching just like a month away. But let's wait and see :)

TrendyGamers1971d ago

Dragon's Crown got pushed back to 2013.

biosonico1971d ago

Aww man, i wonder what the team is concentrating on right now. Probably this rumour is true.

knifefight1970d ago

Vanillaware's end of things with Grand Knights History was finished like last August, when the game was released in Japan. They're not really expected to say anything about it. XSeed is handling the localization.