The Top Announcements We Want and Don’t Want at E3 2012


"Ah, E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, gaming’s biggest event and easily the largest concentration of information throughout the year.

It’s in the air. Can you smell it? Feel it? Sense it? It’s right around the corner – in fact, from the time of this post, only thirty-seven days away – and this is when anticipation truly sets in and begins to build.

It’s quite simply the most wonderful time of the year in the gaming scene, and everyone is ecstatic. But with every E3, there always comes the great anticipations, excitements and – of course – the disappointments and let downs. It’s a given with any E3.

OXCGN is proudly returning to the show floor to provide coverage like none other.

Until then, here are the top announcements we do and don’t want at E3 2012, in no particular order."

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Proeliator2001d ago

Pretty solid list..... I for one want republic commando 2. A man can dream...

X-Alchemist2000d ago

Just give me Fallout 4 and I'll be 100% satisfied with this years E3

kaveti66162000d ago

If they announce it with an upgraded engine (beyond the one used for Skyrim) and for next gen, that would pretty sweet.

StraightPath2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Half Life 3 nice list though i agree.

MEsoJD2000d ago

I want Half Life 3 more than anything.

NYC_Gamer2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I agree,with this more tired sequels bring out some fresh new experiences....please no unwanted new type of motion control garbage announced..

Hooshuwashu2001d ago

Let's not remember Microsoft's E3 2010 conference... :(

i think the author truly hit the nail on the head when he said that developers need to utilize things like Kinect to do more games like Star Wars, that way it appeals to 'core gamers' more

Proeliator2001d ago

I don't know how they went from E3 2009 - arguably one of MS's best conferences - to the atrocity that was 2010.

I hope this year is better.

Disccordia2000d ago

Agreed. MS needs to improve this year. They really need that new console announcement

PopRocks3592001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

"no more tired sequels bring out some fresh new experiences"

They're not going to bother unless those ideas get support and it seems many average gamers are pretty much satisfied with the status quo. Look at how MW3 and BF3 sold. Now compare that to Journey or No More Heroes.

NYC_Gamer2001d ago

That sucks man....publishers will play it safe since it produces the most profit for their company/share-holders....

PopRocks3592000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Occasionally they try something new. But even those games usually don't get the notoriety they deserve.

Nintendo's Pikmin, Microsoft/Twisted Pixel's Splosion Man and Sony's Journey to name a few. All well received new games that otherwise did not sell mega millions despite the positive screening given to them by the press.

Tomonobu Itagaki2001d ago

They ask for new IPs, yet 80% of their "do want" list is made of sequels...

Proeliator2001d ago

"Our medium is far too diverse to continually shovel out the same rehashed titles and content year after year, and you’ll quickly notice that much of the following list contains sequels."

They specifically point out the large amount of sequels to say that we need more new ip...

Nac2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Yeah, I was about to say the same thing. Cancels it out it seems...

Sithlord-Gamble2001d ago

I agree with everything except Killzone. All the KZ-Heads DO want another killzone that corrects the mistakes of kz3.

And Vita owners want some game announcements too!

gaminoz2001d ago

I'm sick of Killzone.

Want Thief 4!

DFogz2000d ago

Yes! As long as I see *something* from Thief4 I'll be happy with E3 this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.