Nvidia 9800 GX2 Wins Over ATi 3870 X2

Fudzilla in a news report today, claims that the Nvidia 9800 GX2 is poised to perform better than ATi's high-end 3870 X2. Since, Fudzilla had got their predicament right about the previous 8800GT vs. HD 3870 article, they could be on to something. Jump ahead to view the article.

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jaja14343966d ago

Wonder what they mean by faster. With the way cards are designed it's not so cut and dry as to which is better.

Take the 8800 GT vs GTS. In some ways the GTS is better but in others the GT is better. You can read up on it if you want to find where how and where.

But that said I've always bought Nvidia cards as I find their drivers to usually be the best, though they have had their slip ups from time to time...

Bonsai12143966d ago

i'm thinking that by faster it means able to throw more textures and polygons up in a shorter time.

mighty_douche3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Why am i not surprised?

can we get some prices please?

Disappointing article, i was hoping for some spec or maybe even a few benchmarks.

xplosneer3965d ago

"Nvidia’s upcoming high-end sandwich board, Geforce 9800 GX2, is going to end up faster than a single Radeon 3870 GX2."

My catchphrase: "Let me answer that with a duh"

funkeystu3965d ago

It seems odd that the site can make such assumptions based on single card comparisons. ATI has always faired better with multi-card set ups, and it sounds like fudzilla failed to take this into consideration.

from toms hardware (
"In single card configurations, the Radeon 3870 doesn't hold up well compared to the Geforce 8800 GT. However, two 3870s in Crossfire mode seem to scale very well, and will give a pair of 8800 GTs a run for their money in this price range. In addition, dual 3870s should be notably cheaper than dual 8800 GTs, as availability increases."

Since two of each are essentially on par, it seems a tad premature to call this so early (especially since many aspects of their design are yet to be finalized); there may be a twist yet.

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