PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Sandover Village Gameplay

It's raining golf balls as Hot Shots meets Jak & Daxter in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's Sandover Village.

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Relientk771730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Of all the levels they have revealed for this game, this might be my favorite, this and the LittleBigPlanet one.

I love the design of it, even though it seems simple, I like how it has 3 levels on the right side

Nitrowolf21730d ago

yep my favorite to, though the Hades level is pretty awesome. I want a bit more platforming to happen though. Hopefully bigger maps will be revealed.

Relientk771730d ago

Yea, They need some bigger maps. I hope they have maps with alot of places to go, like I love Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Temple from Smash Bros and Melee

FlameBaitGod1730d ago

Disagree fairy on the loose.

On Topic: The LBP one looks pro

turgore1730d ago

The little big planet one is nuts. The level builds as you play !

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bahabeast1730d ago

i want this sooooo badly

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