Are MMO Prices on the Rise?'s Travis Freese looks at how MMO's are getting more and more expensive. With numerous pre-order options and subscription costs, is the genre heading towards a position where it the extra money is necessary just to win?

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catfrog1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

the majority of online games have a name given to them by the players of 'pay-to-win' and your question is whether 'extra money spent is necessary to win?', seriously?

btw, in the article you say you cant boycott this for whatever reason, well, you can: dont buy or play the game

Brawler1975d ago

yup pay to win is stupid and you shouldnt bother with us. Giving us superficial stuff for extra is fine but things that make you op cause you spend more money is plain dumb.

Main_Street_Saint1975d ago

I agree with you on that; refuse to pay to get op'd.

shadowraiden1975d ago

lol love how he mentions guild wars 2 and yet hasnt properly looked at what each item is given and that the elite skill will most likely just be for show(heck theirs race specific elites that the developers just want to be their for fun but wont add anything to the proper playstyle of that character)

so i doubt the mistfire elite skill will be overpowered most likely an elite you take when you dont have one or are messing about.

the items on other hand are little buffs that can be made up in hours. Tome of influence adds about same amount of influence to a guild as 5 active players for a hour each.
the miniture that he describes as a pet is not it will do nothing except follow you around it cannot be attacked or attack enemies in any way so its just for show.

the same goes with the other items for example hero band that comes from preordering while a nice little boost wont make that much of a difference(and majority of people discarding it once they have better).

Main_Street_Saint1975d ago

I will admit the title of the article was a bit misleading; I thought it meant that many of the paid subscription MMO's were going to actually raise the monthly fees.