Max Payne 3 Preview: Rockstar Brings Payne Before Grand Theft Auto V - The Gamer Access

"Rockstar Games has taken over and re-invented the way you will look at Max Payne. Now leading the development of the third installment in the series, the franchise that was almost buried in dust after eight long years is back with an old but definitely new chapter in the life of Max Payne."

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Havocmak3r2248d ago

I think this will be the game to have this summer. Huge summer blockbuster. Be a little sleeper at first with general audience but will blow up like red dead did!

Nick2120042248d ago

Couldn't agree more! Definitely my most anticipated game this summer and one of my most anticipated this year. Had a blast playing it at PAX East.

tmanmushroom2248d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game!!

DrPepper2248d ago

max payne is gonna be dope for sure.