Who Will be the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Final Boss?

DualShock Nexus: It has been confirmed that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will have one major final boss. The big question is who will it be?

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Dante1121942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

That's who I think it will be, Sephiroth. If it is him, I can't wait to fight him with Parappa (Hit him with the lvl 3 "You gotta believe" special. Sephiroth: "Your rap verses...were..illmatic" *blows up*).

Treezy5041942d ago

Your comment just made my day :D

ABizzel11942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

An evil Sackboy is the final boss :D

Speaking of characters, I forgot to mention Darth from Legend of Dragoon as one of my most wanted players.

Also, I hope the change the idea that in order to defeat someone you have to use a super. It just sounds weird, but I have to play it first.

ShoryukenII1942d ago

Kevin Butler really should be a character in this game.

MariaHelFutura1942d ago

Master Chief should be the final boss.

opoikl1942d ago

Big Boss should be The Boss

CarlitoBrigante1942d ago

Master Chef is not worthy to enter a brawler game full of Sony exclusives

TheFinalEpisode1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Maybe it's a Historical Giant Enemy Crab, it would represent the PS3's dark beginning and defeating him would represent the Ps3's triumphant comeback to the gaming awesomeness it is today, oh and the the boss battle takes place in a empty room with a baby doll and as you beat the Giant Enemy Crab the doll melts more and more....
And the ending credits are a Roast to Micheal

Silly gameAr1942d ago

Ha. That would be funny. Also a boot in the face to the haters.

kratos1231942d ago

what about Sephiroth riding a giant enemey crab wouldnt everybody love that ?

flavorbabies1942d ago

Sephiroth Theme playing while fighting him... :O

DeadIIIRed1942d ago

Always liked this one the best

Ravens201942d ago

Final Boss, Wheatley from Portal 2!

SephirothX211942d ago

I hope Sephiroth is playable and Raiden is the final boss so I can rip him to shreds.

1941d ago
GraveLord1942d ago

I think Sephiroth is too obvious. I think it would be something silly like the Master Hand in Melee.

Murad-D121942d ago

The final boss will be a "giant enemy crab" !

Joking :D

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Relientk771942d ago

I hope its like a group of characters not just one

Cortex from Crash Bandicoot?

Long live PSONE and Crash Bandicoot

Treezy5041942d ago

Well they mentioned 3rd party support so that is definitely a possibility. Plus it would be cool to see Nathan Drake, Crash, and Jak in a match together.

-Alpha1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

How about, now bear with me a second, a giant freaking hand?

Relientk771942d ago

Lol I see thats interesting, I wonder how you or any game developer would come up with that. Would they even think to put that as a boss of a game?

DasBunker1942d ago

Technically its a glove lol.. but now that you put it that way, it is actually a stupid boss.

PirateThom1942d ago

It's funny, because in SSB the hand is supposed to be (or represent) the kid playing with the "toys", the characters in the game.

Master Hand is actually quite a well thought out boss!

Treezy5041942d ago

It's obviously going to be RIDDDGE RACER :P

-Alpha1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Kaz Hirai, Ken Kutaragi, and Kevin Butler. The KKK

Kaz's Specials
"$599 U.S Dollars" -Money falls from the sky and homes in on enemies, like Razor Leaf from Pokemon
"Riiiddggeee Racer!" -A car comes crashing through the level, running over anyone in its way
-Sends a Giant Enemy Crab

Kutaragi's Sepcials
-Throws PS3's at you to instill discipline

-Pokes you to death with a stick

MySwordIsHeavenly1942d ago

The problem with Master Hand is that the game's story isn't deep enough to warrant the boss. If there was an actual story in the series, I'd LOVE it.

WildArmed1942d ago

So the thing from Addams family? XD