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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Confirmed

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been confirmed as the next Call of Duty game. While the title has been long-rumored and hinted at by several leaks and rumors, an image of a Target pre-order card sent in by an IGN reader has confirmed the game's title and release date. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Emilio_Estevez  +   1127d ago
With all these leaks their boat must be sunk by now. It's getting kinda ridiculous the amount of leaks this game that doesn't exist (yet) has had.
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Abash  +   1127d ago
Yikes, Halo 4 is going to be completely overshadowed the week after it releases with Black Ops 2. Maybe Halo 4 needs the xtra months of development time but MicroSoft shouldnt launch it so close to Black Ops 2
bumnut  +   1127d ago
They are totally different games, they are not competing with each other.
MorbidPorpoise  +   1127d ago
Oh well means the people who can't handle Halo 4 would've moved on (thank god) so I'll be able to enjoy the game :)
gatormatt80  +   1127d ago
Haha... Yeah I can see the headlines now... Microsoft's Homegrown Baby (Halo) vs. Microsoft's Outsourced Baby (CoD).
F7U12  +   1127d ago
remembers the god awful maps/hit detection/kill-streaks of blops. *shivers*

never forget. never again.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1127d ago
Overshadowed? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure most will buy both. Look at BF3 and Skyrim last year. Both released near CoD and still sold solid numbers.
Ranma1  +   1126d ago
I hate COD series and dislike its fanboys (my brother is one, and his been playing mW3 online for 7 months already, and prior to that black ops for 6 months)
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Muffins1223  +   1126d ago
not really,halo reach sold around 5 million just on xbox first week and call of duty black ops sold 7 million on first week WITH ALL THREE CONSOLES!So i dont think halo 4 would be overshadowed on the xbox by black ops...
Amazingmrbrock  +   1126d ago
Apparently it's been confirmed that the earth is covered by water. In other obvious news call of duty continues to release games annually. We are all very surprised.

Hardcore gamers have been heard wondering if "it will look better" than the last game.
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1126d ago
im pretty sure they already confirmed this the day after MW3 released
Merrill  +   1126d ago
I will never understand this obsession people have with "confirming" the existence of a game we already know is coming.

It's a yearly installment, of course it's coming; who cares?
NYC_Gamer  +   1127d ago
Its already confirmed in my eyes....
Dr Face Doctor  +   1127d ago
Black Ops 2 CONFIRMED. What a rumor this is.
navysealrb  +   1126d ago
may not be confirmed but I can tell you those do look like Targets pre-order cards. I'm def going to be taking a look in my stores stockroom to see if we have them.
GamingPerson  +   1127d ago
SarahFox  +   1127d ago
lol the title and the article category are just awesome CONFIRMED (rumor)
LakerGamerEnthusiast   1127d ago | Trolling | show
kma2k  +   1127d ago
As i do every year with the COD games i will rent it, beat the campaing in 1-2 days & return it & probably never think about it again!
Jumper09  +   1127d ago
i will burn it lol
Hufandpuf  +   1127d ago
What a waste of money.
Parapraxis  +   1127d ago
How is this a rumour?
Clearly it is true.
enkeixpress  +   1127d ago
Very nice.. I will go for the PS3 version as I currently play all of my online MP titles on PS3 'cause of the free online MP access :)

I used to play CoD on my Xbox 360.. but since November 2011.. I ditched Xbox Live for good, Haha! the 360 now just sits there gathering dust, really. I play Forza 4 on it sometimes though.. lol

Why pay for Xbox Live every month or year..? I see no point tbh.. when I can just play the same multiplayer on PS3 with only slightly lower gfx for no extra charge.. common sense, really.

Wake up people, stop paying for Xbox Live! Stop buying CoD titles for X360.. switch over to PS3! :)
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Jumper09  +   1127d ago
stop buying cod titles lol...
GraveLord  +   1127d ago
Yes XBL does have more ads than PSN. We know.
jessupj  +   1126d ago
... and for the hundredth time...

Dedicated servers>>>>>> ;>>>laggy P2P
CaptainPunch  +   1127d ago
Nope, I get my money's worth out of XBL.
FunAndGun  +   1127d ago
or else you wouldn't get your moneys worth with all your online games. lol
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1127d ago
Money's worth?!? All you are paying for is some mediocre online system that Sony offers for free. You pay for ads and a stupid YouTube app... wow.
jessupj  +   1126d ago
You pay for MS to let you have the privileged of using your own bandwidth.
Hercules189  +   1127d ago
What if were a fan of halo or gears huh. Im pretty poor and am still able to afford it, all you got to do is donate plasma twice a yr and you got it payed for. remember when ps3 was $600
PonyMadeFromTacos  +   1126d ago
Or you could play on PC, CoD is not one of those games that require good hardware. Better yet, don't buy CoD at all.
Majin-vegeta  +   1127d ago
Anyone with a brain knows cod was gonna be released on the 13 of this year.
m2stech  +   1127d ago
A new Call of Duty every year? who would've thought?
Imikida  +   1127d ago
A new call of duty? OMG what a surprise! lol
Eliseo21  +   1127d ago
Going to be the same....
artdafoo  +   1127d ago
Wasn't Wack Ops 2 confirmed the day after Wack Ops 1 ? Btw let me be the first in confirming Wack Ops 3 for Nov 2014.
theeg  +   1127d ago
i'll wait for the pc version on steam to hit $15 or less, these games just aren't worth anymore than $10-$15 to me.

got mw3 for $20 from a friend, felt a bit ripped off, played like 4 hours of the single player and 3 hours of multi

with games like bf3, tribes ascend, arma 2 and 3 (soon i hope), blacklight retrobution, all about 100x deeper, better graphics, better communities, dedicated servers........cod is just so last gen.

i'll buy medal of honor warfighter before this
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bahabeast  +   1127d ago
looks official 2 me and im in :)

btw i havnt played MW3 yet for c.o.d games i usually wait till i can get sumone who is tired of thier copy and wana sell it for $30 and people i am in the bahamas new games are $85 cheapest
Drabent  +   1126d ago
$85>< dizzzam!
Fishy Fingers  +   1126d ago
The Bahamas>< dizzzam!
dcortz2027  +   1126d ago
Hasn't played MW3?>< dizzzam! I'm jealous! As for BO2, meh. It will be more of the same, go back to the COD4/W@W formula at least! And then, a new and improved engine and actual next-gen graphics please. Until then, no thanks!
NeoTribe  +   1127d ago
Never seen it commin.
LFC1EE  +   1126d ago
Boring who cares i can't wait for new hardware really can't stomach another cod the same thing every year then you got halo 99 haven't these devs got anthing new to show us.
TheCagyDies  +   1126d ago
Roman Numerals???
jessupj  +   1126d ago
I think it's started, the masses have finally started to figured out that it's the same game every year.
DeadSpaced  +   1126d ago
Unfortunately, CoD has built up such a name for its products that I do believe it will sell,simply due to the fact that it is a product of CoD.
cedaridge  +   1126d ago
i agree with most on here! Microsoft charge way to much for Live and EVERYTHING dealin with xbox 360 u have to pay for somethin. starting with Live, then microsoft pts, on down to batteries/charge kit.... now i do realize u have to pay for Sony psn+ but at least it's not mandated. and my internet connection runs the same ( GOOD or BAD) on both xbl and psn. If the game is crappy on psn it's crappy on live. only difference psn: FREE to play xbl: $ to play.........
Drabent  +   1126d ago
Drabent  +   1126d ago
Confirm dedicated servers???
SpitFireAce85  +   1126d ago
2005 - COD2
2006 - COD3
2007 - COD4 - MW
2008 - COD WAW
2009 - COD MW2
2010 - COD BO
2011 - COD MW3
2012 - COD BO2

And the milking continues.....:(
SnipeySnake  +   1126d ago
I just don't understand that people can't tell they're playing the same game every year that's gradually gettting worse... If they wanna make this game worth buying, they need to make it ALL zombies.
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momthemeatloaf  +   1126d ago
I think they know they are playing the same game once they start playing it. The problem is that these people think they are getting something new and exciting before the game comes out.

That is where the problem lies. Once these people realize this before the purchase, CoD will die down.
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TheLastGuardian  +   1126d ago
I can confirm that I won't be buying it. Neither should you. It's a rental at best.
Jason143  +   1126d ago
uggg cod. wish theyd reboot it already. tired of same engine rehashing. At least sp is fun. I can only handle mp in like 15 minute intervals at this point.
Commodore  +   1126d ago
Not getting...unless they completely change the gameplay (which we know won't happen). Sooooo....Guess I'm not getting.
iliimaster  +   1126d ago
what the hell is this? a call of duty game packed with DLC every freaking year? how can people keep buying this game thinking like its a madden or NBA game that releases every year to me black ops 1 is still new and mw3 is very new i dont get it
Donnywho  +   1126d ago
I skipped Mw3 so I'm fresh and ready for this. Try skipping one instead of talking mad trash and then buying it anyway.

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