3 Ways PlayStation All-Stars isn't a Smash Bros. clone (Bitmob)

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may bear a resemblance to a certain Nintendo slugfest, but here are a few ways it switches up the formula.

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Tolkoto1916d ago

Plus it doesn't have Mario!

MaxXAttaxX1915d ago

Original characters, stages, movesets, rules, mechanics. It's not about percentages. No ring outs. Super meters.

THR1LLHOUSE1916d ago

Honest question, not trying to troll:

Other than the...7 or so already named, how many notable Sony characters are there? Maybe someone from Hot Shots Golf?

The only one I can really come up with that I hope they include is Kevin Butler, because IT WOULD BE AMAZING.

RockYou1916d ago

Kevin Butler would be SUCH a funny character to add. He could fight with all the PS accessories.

And what about Crash Bandicoot? Does he count?

ABizzel11915d ago

The combat is the only thing I'm concerned about. I think it's fine, but having to do a super move just to score a point seems off. I need to play it for myself, but I felt they should have went all out Smash Bros.

Relientk771916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

- The levels are comprised from 2 different games

- Each character has 3 supers

- Energy Points

- has Different/Sony characters (as well as other 3rd party ones)

- There is no health bar/you cant die by environments or flying off the screen

- The controls and fighting style:

" You control your character using either the D-Pad or left analog stick, and X to jump. Fighting is relegated to the three remaining face buttons, which are modified by using a directional button. This provides for a variety of combinations (though there are no combos such as pressing Square and Triangle at the same time for a new move) and keeps things moving. Hitting your opponents earns you Energy Points (EP), which you can eventually use for a “Super” move (name not final). "

Hicken1916d ago

Bu bu but Sony can't come up with anything original. All they do is copy. /s

I can't wait for this game. It looks better than I hoped it would, and I'll have plenty of time to start saving up for it.... and everything else Sony is putting out this year.

DasBunker1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I thought you could die from environments, you can see how hades attacks them in the vid..

Only few things i dont like is that the stages seem small so far, and that glowing aura characters have.

Then about 1:43 in the YT vid you can see how sly cooper gets thrown out of the stage, perhaps into his death..


oh i see then, thx for the article, hope the EP mechanic turn out fun.

i'd also wish there were more items to pick up.. they've shown 4.. hope theres more

Relientk771916d ago

"One very interesting thing to note – there are no health bars in PlayStation All-Stars. Nor can you cause an opponent’s death by hurling them far off the screen ala Smash Bros.. This may confuse or frustrate some people at first, but it does offer up a few benefits of its own. No more cheap deaths by the environment – instead, you lose some of those precious EPs which others are able to pick up. The aforementioned Super moves have a risk-and-reward aspect to them, as well."

Read this article, its really good. It has in-depth details of the game that the other sources dont have, its where I am getting all this stuff btw lol


Dr Face Doctor1916d ago

See guys? Sony's game is about a bunch of SONY characters fighting eachother, not about a bunch of NINTENDO characters fighting eachother. It's not the same at all.

RockYou1916d ago

couldn't you say that about every game in a similar genre?

Dr Face Doctor1916d ago

Nobody cares about or wants to play other games, but this game is going to change that when it comes out.

koh1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I obviously haven't tried it yet, so this is just a guess right now, but I feel like I'm going to like the SSB scoring better. I actually enjoy the tactics of killing someone with full health, and I'm not yet convinced about just attacking people to build up a special attack that is the only way to score.

A combination where you could knock players off the screen (like in SSB) with normal attacks while also powering up a more effective move might be better in my opinion.

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