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Head2Head: Dragon’s Dogma Demo Screenshot Comparison (PS3 vs. Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! Today we take the demo for Capcom’s much anticipated action RPG Dragon’s Dogma out for a spin. The full game is set to be released on May 22nd so be sure to check back then for our full in-depth analysis. Until then enjoy the demo." (Dragon's Dogma, PS3, Xbox 360)

NukaCola  +   939d ago
Some are better on 360, some better on PS3. I saw a trailer and the frame rate was horrible. I didn't download the demo yet. Can someone tell me how it plays? (I don't care the platform)
jc48573  +   939d ago
framerate is a little inconsistent. 360 seems to look better outside, but when you're inside the cavern that's a whole different story. For some reason, the 360 looks washed out. I really want to know how both games perform side by side. There are times I really don't understand why sometimes it looks better on one console.
Kalowest  +   939d ago
The 360 demo looked washed out and a little low res in alot of places.
crxss  +   938d ago
LOL what's up with that 3rd picture? the enemies are bigger on 360?! haha
Hellsvacancy  +   938d ago
The PS3 version wasnt much better then, i didnt rate the demo very much at all, like you said, the colours looked washed out, i dont like the info thats scattered all over the screen, it distracts me from the actual game

I was gonna buy Dragons Dogma but after the demo, i doubt ill even rent it, i might one day when ive got nothin worth playin

Just MY opinion
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JellyJelly  +   938d ago
"Some are better on 360, some better on PS3."

The 360 version has more foliage, more vibrant colors and sharper textures.

What exactly is better in the PS3 images? Pls tell me cause I can't find anything.
WetN00dle69  +   938d ago

Speak no more words of Blasphemy IN N4PS3GAMERS!
And Kalowest you need glasses my friend cause as to what i saw the game looked amazing when you fight the griffon and for some reason when you use that other dude in the caverns the game looks a bit washed out. Nothing major really. But truth be told the 360 does thing better in some areas while the PS3 does things better in others.
MysticStrummer  +   938d ago
@Hellsvacancy - If you didn't like the gameplay, I could understand the demo turning you off, but if you check the options you'll see that all or most of the onscreen info can be removed. I know the pawn conversation and the controls can be anyway, and I'm pretty sure the minimap can be removed or at least changed in some way. As for the graphics, I guess it shouldn't at this point in the generation, but it still surprises me that people don't think about what is happening onscreen before they start bashing graphics. It's an open world game that has more real action with better animations and spell effects in the demo than Skyrim had in the whole game. I loved the demo and thought it looked great, myself.
MaxXAttaxX  +   938d ago
Lighting and some of the textures are better on PS3.
(as seen on second page)
This of course is a HUGE DIFFERENCE and clearly dictates which one you should get /s

No, of course it doesn't. There's no significant difference between them and whichever version you get you won't be missing out on anything from the other version.
Your TV will add extra contrast and color in the first place.
these comparisons need to end.
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SilentNegotiator  +   938d ago
Seems like a toss up to me.

LOL, look at the third picture. They randomly change size and one of them is wearing a thong in the 360 one. WTF?

I wish it were coming to PC.
kevnb  +   938d ago
it doesnt seem to be a very good game, all the folks here are drooling over it but as soon as the 6/10 and 7/10 reviews come in they will change their mind. Reviews dont even matter, but most of the people hyping this game are all about review scores.
mep69  +   938d ago
if it ever did come to pc in the manner of Dark Souls, it would be best to avoid it anyway :/
SilentNegotiator  +   938d ago
"most of the people hyping this game are all about review scores"

Has it even GOTTEN scores yet? The demo is out, so people can form their own opinions, and have.
theeg  +   938d ago
i think it will come to pc, and i'd rather wait, looks awful and runs even worse, i was excited for this but the limitations of the current hardware is making so many games unplayable,

i don't mean the graphics, the screen tearing and framerates are so bad in some games,it literally makes me unable to play them.

i pushed through dark souls and wish i had just waited, it was naseated how bad the framerates were

new consoles please, these 8 year old things are chugging on everytrhing.
cgoodno  +   938d ago
***i was excited for this but the limitations of the current hardware is making so many games unplayable, ***

Yeah... no. Not having the best graphics doesn't equate to unplayable. If a game has performance issues, that's an issue with poor development, not an issue that the consoles from 6 years ago can't play them if the games are designed properly for them.

And, honestly, as a person who play primarily on PC, we really don't need 1080p+ graphics and 60 fps to enjoy games. That's some annoying metric that people keep throwing around as if that's the only way a game can be enjoyed anymore.
SilentNegotiator  +   937d ago
The game ran fine when I played it on ps3 and saw 360 footage. I don't know where people are getting these 'horrible' framerate and performance issues from.
cgoodno  +   938d ago
Always the same thing, always. PS3 looks more washed out because they refuse to adjust gamma, 360 looks darker (and therefor in most people's minds 'sharper').

So, pretty much the same, as usual.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   939d ago
DAT Posterization.
Jazz4108  +   939d ago
I think they both look very close but you really can't make a educated judgement without seeing both side by side in motion. That said enjoy the game on the system you will have most fun using.
units  +   939d ago
Sure it did.
MysticStrummer  +   939d ago
Subtle variations but neither looks "better", as usual.
gtxgamer2  +   939d ago
Who cares about comparing.. jesus, thats why gamers can be annoying
Dr Face Doctor  +   939d ago
At least the PS3 version has pants.
THC CELL  +   939d ago
Good game only issue was cam angles when in boss battle and Minot frame rates and this is a demo
Redtide  +   939d ago
yet another flame bait article
leogets  +   939d ago
Demo was shit.not even a visually impressive game.looks last gen (ps2ect) and the frame rate was so jerky it was unplayable.it made my eyes go weird.terrible game.deleted within 4 mins of trying it.
Dms2012  +   939d ago
I played the same demo, and your really exaggerating. Just say you don't like this type of game. Judging from your avatar, you probably don't. My problem with it is it seemed way too easy, not even sure if upping the difficulty would help.
raiden-49  +   939d ago
One of the odd things about the game not show in the demo was that at night time it would be way harder because more enemys spawn so the journey back will be harder then the goal so the farther you go in the world the more day light you will use up.
BI0RAPTOR  +   938d ago
I do believe the Pawns we all were using was at a higher level to the mission.
I read some where the missions are very early on in the game so putting higher level pawns in a low level mission will make the odds of failure very hard.(will look for link)
Also I think they made the Demo a little easy to accomadate to the general public as a lot of people may have been put off it was to hard,I am sure the challenge will be there in the hard setting on the final game.
Old McGroin  +   938d ago
You only tried it for four minutes? Then your opinion isn't exactly a well rounded one FPS fan.
Joe Bomb  +   939d ago
I feel like an RPG slut latley but this is another one I'm getting. Comparison is close though so maybe they'll be some exclusive content or something to help me make my mind up.
Jake_Butler  +   938d ago
Same here wonder wich system would get that first?.... xbox of course
Tundra  +   938d ago
PS3 demo: Literally no screen tearing, weaker framerate.

Xbox demo: Screen tearing with a more consistent framerate.

Pick your poison, they both look the same to me during gameplay. I'll definitely be buying this day one.
Siren30  +   938d ago
360 buy for me
WetN00dle69  +   938d ago
Same here since i got rid of my Ps3 1 month ago and got myself a PSVita. It be awesome if this was coming to the Vita. If it did id be getting it for that in a heartbeat!
sly-Famous  +   938d ago
Are people still going on about this?
Bluemaster77  +   938d ago
Forget about these trivial aspects , The game was fun as heck in my opinion.
kevnb  +   938d ago
these crappy screenshots are useless.
WetN00dle69  +   938d ago
They always are.
Dungus  +   938d ago
Over half a decade in and we're still comparing screenshots. Well done, everyone.
Silly gameAr  +   938d ago
Pointless right? I guess some people need this though.
chukamachine  +   938d ago
Played both versions.

screentear galore 360.

slower but good enough framerate ps3. no screentear.

Cleaner looking on PS3, Blur fest on 360.

Lighting, foilage is the same on both, except for some contrast.

Game is a 6-7 tbh.
Colonel_Dante  +   938d ago
I have a 360. I have a PS3. There are many like me.

So, get it on what you prefer.
DigitalAnalog  +   938d ago
I noticed the PS3 enemies and background are smaller in comparison
This could mean it is running at a higher-resolution.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   938d ago
Its 50 50 to me.
Tempjf  +   938d ago
The game is actually fun. Looking forward to the full analysis
DragonKnight  +   938d ago
I can't believe there are people writing off a game for how the demo LOOKS instead of how the game plays or knowing anything about the subtleties of the story and characters. It's unbelievably sad that people place appearance over substance and actually consider a game unplayable if it's not 60FPS or some other such nonsense.

I loved the demo. I loved how the characters would talk strategy during a battle, telling you what to attack or letting you know when to strike or if you try to switch from Go to Help and they are busy fighting they'll tell you they can't help you right now.

I'm looking forward to this game, which is rare since it's from Capcom.
Jake_Butler  +   938d ago
I liked it to. Jus whish the visuals looked a tad bit better
Erudito87  +   938d ago
now compare to pc
caboose32  +   938d ago
it's not on pc.........
baodeus  +   938d ago
so one have a bird and the other have a little more grass, thats about it. :D

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