Joy Ride Turbo announced for Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft kart racer ditches Kinect for second outing.

A sequel to critically-savaged Kinect effort Joy Ride launches on Xbox Live Arcade soon, Microsoft has announced, and this time around it's ditched the motion controls.

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memots1918d ago

Maybe it will be fun this time?

marioPSUC1918d ago

This is how the first game was supposed to be, it was supposed to use a controller and if I remember correctly it was supposed to be free but then MS changed it to a kinect only title

Wintersun6161918d ago

Ripoff!!! Mario Kart did this first!!!111

/jk :)

KMCROC541918d ago

LBP Kart sound familar /jk :0

Wintersun6161918d ago

You didn't seem to get the joke. I was referring to the recent ripoff accusations towards PSASBR.

KMCROC541917d ago

@Wintersun616 i know ,just Fk with you .

mr_badhand1918d ago


MS was absolute idiots for making the first Kinect only. They could of had a decent racer and a good lasting new xbl up. Now hardly anyone cares.

M1chl1918d ago

Ouu, there is chance that MS going to changer their kinect-only strategy?