CES 2008: Conflict Denied Ops aims at non-existent 'casual FPS' market

Joystiq's Michael Zenke writes:

"Just a few months ago we brought you impressions of an early build of Conflict: Denied Ops. As the newest chapter in the perpetually-lackluster Conflict series, our opinion then was that the game was following in the footsteps of its 4.0 kindred. We were frustrated with the flat look, boring linear gameplay and the use of a needless buzzword – "Puncture-Tech" – to describe destructible environmental elements.

In checking in on the game's progress in a near-release state today at CES, we found that many of these same concerns are still applicable. Eidos and Pivotal Games have stopped using that meaningless marketing buzzword and thrown in a few twists on the A-to-B gameplay, but Denied Ops is basically the same flawed game we saw in October."

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MK_Red3964d ago

I didn't like the previous Conflict games. The new one could have been fun with focus on co-op and enviroment destruction but with Battlefield Bad Company on the horizon, this one doesn't stand a chance.

tony3964d ago

this the looks like scramble eggs w cheese.