GTR 3 – Aquila CR1 Sports GT Licensed

SimBin Insider has announced that the Aquila CR1 Sports GT will be included in their upcoming sim racing title GTR 3. Aquila is a Danish race car manufacturer that designed the V8 Powered CR1 Sports GT as a “2-seater coupé build purely for racing, on track events, track days and racing schools.”

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Revvin2000d ago

They keep announcing new licenses but still nothing much to show for it where as their competitors such as Assetto Corsa, pCars, SimRaceWay are all releasing new in game screenshots, video's and in the case of pCars you can play the alpha builds for a small fee. They teased a " big" announcement months ago which was essentially a few engine noises posted to their website. Really disappointed by Simbin, GTR3 announced long ago and still nothing to offer.