Rocksteady Had 'No Idea How Sucessful Arkham Asylum Would Be'

Rocksteady has revealed that they really had no idea how good Arkham Asylum was when developing the game.

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Unexpecta2215d ago

Well it IS a BATMAN game, one of the most known franchises in the world, so that right there has popularity high up in the sky.

Then there is the gameplay and graphics, which are both very well tuned to suit audiences of many backgrounds.

Love Batman.

MidnytRain2215d ago

I think the fact that it was Batman has less to do with it than you might think. Licensed IPs usually suck.

Pozzle2215d ago

Exactly. Before Arkham Asylum, Batman games weren't exactly known for being good.

bumnut2215d ago

Agreed, This game nearly got me divorced! it was that good.

gaffyh2215d ago

Yeah, Spiderman games have also got a big name behind them, but they are never critically acclaimed.

jc485732215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Neither did I expect this game to be that great. It surpassed way beyond my expectations and other games in general.

DA_SHREDDER2215d ago

Now make a good ninja turtles game. Please?!

mafiahajeri2215d ago

LOOL yeah we need a good TMNT game! I miss those guys!!

Felinox2215d ago

Just not a TMNT game based off the upcoming Michael Bay movie where the turtles are from outerspace intead of being mutated by mutagen. Keep it old school turtles please.

Blackpool2215d ago

Hmm, why was there an online pass and alot of DLC then?

hiredhelp2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Why there disagrees on everyone...
Screw it you all get agrees from me.

mafiahajeri2210d ago

Lol agrees right back at yeah ;)