Get 30% Extra Credit When Trading Towards New Releases At EB Games Canada In May 2012

EB Games Canada has added yet another promotion for May 2012, this one involving the ability to trade in your older games towards newer games and receive 30% extra credit.

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GamerSciz2002d ago

If this deals with EB games and trade-ins how come Jessica Nigri is the featured image?

LoaMcLoa2002d ago

Lollipop Chainsaw is listed there.

BringingTheThunder2002d ago

would you rather look at a logo or her?

ATi_Elite2002d ago

Jessica Nigri is the new "It Hot Girl" amongst Gamers and she is the lollipop chainsaw spokes person!

Hot Girl = more hits, I only clicked to see Jessica Nigri but was disappointed by the lack of more pictures!

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Dr Face Doctor2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Those are some big deals.

NeoTribe2002d ago

Seen a hot women and clicked article. Yup... nothin to see here... ok later guys.