Will Gran Turismo 5 be the best Sony PS3 driving game ever?

It seems like Sony PS3 owners have been waiting a lifetime for the release of Gran Turismo 5, however there is only just over two months to go. So far there is a range of driving games for the PlayStation 3, but most will put them aside once they get their copy of Gran Turismo 5.

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sonarus3992d ago

we gt fans refuse to accept such a title for gt. Anything short of best driving game period is unnaceptable. prologue is around the corner and i am alraedy looking towards the full release. The game better come out this yr

BrianC62343992d ago

What's with that guy? Is this even worthy of being posted? GT5 Prologue and GT5 will be the best racing games ever. PEriod. On any console or PC. Best PS3 driving game?

And the PS3 hasn't been out that long so how can it seem like forever?

Gondee3992d ago

as far as i know its the one of the very few racing games on the consol. But its not out yet. So i wound be able to decide/

Omegasyde3992d ago

I don't know, as long they put in alot of Rally racing, it will be the best.

IMHO, Motorstorm 2 with splitscreen and atleast 15 maps on the disc = best racing game.

sonarus3992d ago

motorstorm is a very good game but the lack of split screen made me sell it. It still isnt in the same zone as GT though. It really depends on what you prefer for me GT is too realistic(except for no damage) to be compared with any other game. Damage at this point is just an extra layer on the cake

technology3991d ago

We will know when it's released!?

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Maddens Raiders3992d ago

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best PS3 driving game? no sh|t what is it up against ridge racer?
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this is a user-submitted story, like a blog. IE: I can write anything I want an publish it to "" ;, it is not a NEWS site. This is not news.
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Why the hate?

El_Colombiano3992d ago

Hate? Nah, jealousy? Oh yea...

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