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Both evolutionary and revolutionary, Xenoblade Chronicles truly represents the best possible future of the RPG genre going forward.

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MWH2216d ago

watch and learn squareenix. it's a great loss this game is not on the ps360 as well.

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catfrog2216d ago

nintendo bought the developers so they'll be the only ones getting these games from now on, big win for nintendo, big loss for everyone else, at least for me

MWH2215d ago

i didn't know! that make sense.. thanks for the info. a big loss indeed for ps360 only owners.

catfrog2216d ago

if nintendo can grab more rpg devs from sony ill likely be switching to them as my main console next gen. on the other hand, if they continue only majorly supporting mario, zelda and more mario i probably wont even buy their console, instead just finding a friend to let me borrow it for a little while so i can play through games like this.

i hope nintendo invests in more mature type content in the future. by that i dont mean more blood and boobs, i mean having more mature themes for their games.