"Sisyphus would be proud." / Bagogames' Warhammer 40K Space Marine Review

Bagogames: I make Morten Olsen, our other new guy, as something of a Warhammer fan. While it's entertaining to read, it's a shame Morten had to be so let down. Want to know why? Hit the link to find out.

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mafiahajeri1971d ago

Great game good SP and worthy MP unlike this review...Gotrek does not approve of this review.

Honest_gamer1971d ago

single player was ok, a little bland and what was up with a space marine falling in love with a IG? like shit, space marines pretty much hate the humans, every novel (all the horus heresy books, and a few of the battle series, on a side note EVERY ONE READ BATTLE OF THE FANG!) humans are cannon fodder and slaves. on the other hand multiplayer is amazing so good, such a good change from cod, halo, gears.

but still dawn of war dark crusade is the best warhammer game ive played