Paramount Delays 'Into the Wild,' 'Things We Lost in the Fire' HD DVDs

HighDefDigest is reporting, Paramount has announced a street date delay for its HD DVD releases of 'Into the Wild' and 'Things We Lost in the Fire,' pushing both titles back to early March.

As we've previously reported, the studio originally announced the two HD DVD releases for February 12, day-and-date with their standard DVD counterparts. This new street date bump will now see all versions of the two films hit store shelves three weeks later, on March 4.

No reason was given for the delay, but specs remain unchanged for both titles.

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Maddens Raiders3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

I love stories like this. They make InYourMom remember how his mum got that name. You know he heard it everyday at recess: "Hey moron, guess where I was last night? That's right! Giving your mom a colonostopy" Just like one format is getting right now. Give it up loser.

HD-DVD is dead.

Hurry up and get this 8lb. bag o' dogsh|t down to one bubble so that he'll be on automatic block to the rest of N4G-kind.

HarryEtTubMan3995d ago

You did enough to leave a comment scared Xbot.

InYourMom3995d ago

of course gets all the agree's from the Sony circle-jerk club.

Why the hell would Xbox owners worry?? The drive was an add-on.

And the fact that the regular DVD version is also delayed makes me think it has something to do outside of the format war. I knew PS3 droids eyes were bad with all their claims of Duderaider being the best looking game ever on consoles but is it that bad that you can't see the words on the screen as well?

Yes, the story is lame.

pwnsause3995d ago

so why are you guys blogging here then, you guys must be very scared that the PS3 is going to gain a lot of momentum for this you lame xbot.

InYourMom3995d ago

Why are you trolling in an HD-DVD article? You lame PS3 droid.

Just look at comment #1 from another Sony droid, all ready to come into an article like this and claim Blu-ray superiority.

pwnsause3995d ago

or how bout this question, why do you have 3 bubbles, oh wait, for being lame, LMAO. BTW the reason why Im talking about this article, is wait, DING DING DING, you got it, Paramount might Back Out of HD-DVD you dumb numbskull. Warner did this 2 weeks ago, why do you think the same thing isnt going to happen? lmao! you have a small brain just like every Xbot.

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ITR3995d ago

I doubt this is format related since the reg. movies are being delayed too.

Cyrus3653995d ago

A delay in which no new content is added, could mean paramount is switching. Why the delay if nothing else?

InYourMom3995d ago

"This new street date bump will now see all versions of the two films hit store shelves three weeks later, on March 4."

That includes the regular DVD as well which has no effect on the HD formats of the films..

We may never know the real reason.

nevelo073995d ago

this stuff is gettin crazy, arent you glad sony put blu-ray in there

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