4 Things Rayman Legends Trailer Tells Us About the Wii U

Well, it looks like the Rayman Legends trailer has come out a little early- and it inadvertently tells us things about the Wii U!

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juaburg2032d ago

The game itself looks solid and loads of fun! the touchscreen gameplay part was okay, seeing that it did not really showed a lot. What i found interesting was the NFC part where they imported the characters into the game. Im excited to see what devs can do with it.

shackdaddy2032d ago

The touchscreen will be a lot of fun when you play with friends. You can screw people over and stuff by moving platforms at the last second ;)

Jourdy2882032d ago

Yeah, haha, just my thoughts!

frequentcontributor2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I'm constantly shocked that people with seemingly no knowledge about the WiiU get to write professional articles about it; in this instance, obviously the tablet has graphics on par with the system... It's basically a second tv! It doesn't need a powerful processor because it is just streaming video from the console, like your television does. As for a "possible" Assassin's Creed title maybe appearing after this Rayman game comes out... Assassin's Creed 3 is a LAUNCH TITLE! It was announced last year, and finalized with more details a month or so ago. So yeah, maybe it is coming... Jeez.

peeps2032d ago

also in the video you see them put the heart on the contoller, then the rabbid and finally the guy goes to try the assassins creed character... to me that hints more at Assassins creed having some sort of cameo in the game, after all it's all Ubisoft stuff

Jourdy2882032d ago

Whoops, my mistake about AC3. Sorry!