Miyamoto: Nintendo "will introduce new characters soon"

Nintendo Universe writes:

There is a “strong possibility” that Nintendo will “introduce some new characters to the scene soon,” according to recent comments made by Shigeru Miyamoto.

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NYC_Gamer2003d ago

Really?i would love to see all the new characters/franchises.

Akuma-2003d ago

Nice. This is a good week for nes. 3ds fw, showing something as in rayman for wii u and miyamoto talking about introducing new characters.

Awesome_Gamer2003d ago

Gotta love Sony & Nintendo <3

guitarded772003d ago

I sure hope Nintendo introduces some new characters and IPs on the Wii U. I think some of their characters could mature a little bit too... like Link and Samus. No blood and guts or cursing or anything like that, just a bit more grown up.

I'm 35 and have played on every Nintendo console since the NES and I just don't feel like some of the franchises have grown with me. I think Nintendo should use more influence from within the company besides Miyamoto... see what they can come up with.

I'd also like to see Pit get a console game for the Wii U. Kid Ic was one of my favorite NES titles and I would be hyped to see a full blown Kid Icarus on console.

Titanz2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

(The world of N4G, that is).

mike1up2003d ago

It won't explode. They will just start posting more "Nintendo should go 3rd party", so everyone can play their IPs, articles.

Either that, or automatically label the new Ips "shovelware".

Jourdy2882003d ago

Hmm, perhaps this is related to Pikmin 3?

tweet752003d ago

bowario? hes both good and evil

Fishermenofwar2003d ago

Or Blario...Mario's Bi-racial half brother

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The story is too old to be commented.