Nintendo will not officially license Wii lightsabers due to safety concerns

According to IGN's Gerry Block, the company has had direct information that Nintendo will not allow the licensing of any bat like attachments for the Wiimote such as a lightsaber due to safety concerns. So therefore, Lucas Arts will not be able to release its own official lightsaber add-on for the forthcoming Star Wars game.

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Vip3r3625d ago

Good call on that one. Someone could have been seriously bruised.


blynx1823625d ago

Then they can damn sure make a Wiisaber

Salvadore3625d ago

Nintendo are probably afraid that the lightsabers might overshadow their 1st party peripherals.

LJWooly3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Look, i'm sorry but only true retards hurt themselves on the Wii.
And as for the people who get 'strain injuries', for god's sake, get some freaking exercise...

Thanks for the 2 agrees, by the way :)

ChickeyCantor3625d ago

Lightsabers...wouldnt lucas be on their asses if they do ?XD

Tarmgar3625d ago

I don't think they wanna do it because someone might mistake it as a dildo!

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