Let's Play: Sniper Elite v2 (+ failed “Let's Play”) [FirstDropShow]

"I check out Sniper Elite v2, the game where you can snipe someone’s balls off in bullet-time slow-mo. If that doesn’t attract your attention then I don’t know what will. Also for snicks and giggles I included a failed “Lets Play” of the game “AlterEgo” where I ended up calling the game ‘stupid’ and rage quit." -

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Neko_Mega1730d ago

Yeah I really like this game, something about seeing the bullet going through one games head thought another is awesome.

SaffronCurse1730d ago

Alot better than sniper:Ghost warrior. Had such a blast pulling off headshots.

Apparently theres a pre-order bonus i saw somewhere where you get to shoot Hitler lmao!

Rhythmattic1730d ago

Played the demo and was much better than I anticipated...

Think I'll be getting this.

esemce1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Damn this guy sucks at this game.

eindeadmiles1729d ago

Yes I said in the "Lets Play" I suck at sniping.