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Xbox Evolved - 2 Exclusive New Warhound Screenshots

Dakota Grabowski writes, "Xbox Evolved has received two new -- not to mention exclusive -- screenshots from Techland for their upcoming shooter, Warhound." (PC, Warhound, Xbox 360)
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wil4hire   2877d ago | Spam
mesh1  +   2877d ago
damn very very impressed makes ps3 games look like a unfiniahed game this game looks amamzing and its a 360 exclusive if u own a ps3 u wont be p0laying this game the game looks amazing so i can tell with the no1 sony troll jumping at it wiifire of what ever he is called this game is a major threat to him i can tell 360 is going to wipe the flaw with ps3 as we can tell from these early screens of warhound
GIJeff  +   2877d ago
mesh, do not type. Just have these thoughts in your head and be done with it.
poos3  +   2877d ago
mesh1 says the truth some people cant deal with the truth ps3tards
TheSadTruth  +   2877d ago
God I love this site.
LastDance  +   2876d ago
I bet this game has an awsome storyline. possibly as innovative and imaginative as Halo or gears of war!

your kidding right..two pictures of a tank.

Are you all completely brainwashed or is this the most exciting thing for you this year?

theres not one bone in my body that is curious about this game ..no matter what system its on.

My Crap has had better prospects.
HateFanboys  +   2876d ago
This game doesnt even look impressive
Whats so special about this nobody game from a nobody company? The graphics look like COD3. Fanboys are a funny thing.
ichimaru  +   2877d ago
i wondered when they would mention this game. the devs have been tight lip and i have been looking for some info on this. is this the 360 version? if so, this is crysis for the 360, as someone stated before.
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ichimaru  +   2877d ago
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Ko_Uraki  +   2877d ago
PS3 fandroids eat this!
LOL Your fantastic hardware has some of the crappiest fps ever (resistance and Haze), while the xbox360 continue to amaze.
InYourMom  +   2877d ago
I'm telling you just play Medal of Honor and then play Resistance Fall of Man. It is the exact same game except MoH looks better and Resistance has aliens and more weapons. I bought that game and was like WTF is this.
power of Green  +   2877d ago
I was feeling good that it would at least take 10 minutes before the Sony deffence/attack force would show up.

I guess that can't happen due to the armies of Sony scum patrolling 360 threads and trolling for anti MSFT news(looking for ways to tarnish the 360 24/7)

Look A Sony fanboy gabbed at me with his Night stick through the bars. Dissagreeing for nothing more than this news not being negative. lol
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InYourMom  +   2877d ago
It's unfortunate
that you speak the truth. I just try and give it back to them as well. But most of the 360 gamers have left this site since I've been reading it, due mainly because it's a PS3 fanboy circus most of the time and has lost much of it's credibility.

EDIT: @#7 - Read comment #1 and then get back to me. Don't turn this into a 360 fanboy problem when a blatant PS3 droid derails the comments right at #1. You need to fight fire with fire around here.
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Devr  +   2877d ago
Huh, why's everyone going: "HAHA WHAT U GONA SAY NOW PS3 FANDR0IDS?!!!" It's a good looking game, but imo there's better on both consoles.
jackdoe  +   2877d ago
Two words. FarCry 2.
power of Green  +   2877d ago
You havn't seen this game running then. lol

I do agree theres better games(more advanced games) comming for the 360 not PS3 though.
Douche  +   2877d ago
Where's your brain?
Umm, there are plenty of games of better quality than this coming to the PS3. Should I list them all? Some that will be much more epic and of course, exclusive, are Killzone 2 (duhh...this is a graphical and technological beast), MGS4, FFXIII and Versus, Haze, Eight Days, The Getaway 3, Wardevil, God Of War 3, Resistance 2, Heavy Rain and plenty more coming to a PS3 near you. I feel bad that I'm leaving out the many others that'll leave this game in the dust. But just to change it up a bit, multiplatform games like Battlefield: Bad Company and Far Cry 2 have the tech to match and surpass Warhound and these two games alone will keep it from standing out. Please, get real. There are so many games people will rather be playing on the PS3 than the 360 this year. Don't get so caught up about it though. You'll get over it...once you finally save up for a PS3 (if you don't secretly already have one).
Neurotoxin  +   2877d ago
Screenshots are looking very nice indeed. Hopefully the game will deliver as much as it looks visually.
destroyah  +   2877d ago
Wow the textures look bad, especially on the tank.
And look at the bushes in the first screen, they look like paper. This game PALES in comparison to Uncharted and many other PS3 games.
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power of Green  +   2877d ago
Uncharted is mostly an ugly ass hand painted cartoony its a over hyped title that does not look as good as people say, it has about as much detail as an average 360 title.

WARHOUND is so much more advanced its moronic to even compare a last gen game with some polish like Uncharted with Warhound.

Uncharted looks alright and good for a PS3 title in the painted cartoony sort of way.

360 fans can't even enjoy one god dam thread to themselfs You people are losers you're scum.

Related image(s)
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destroyah  +   2877d ago
Those are renders.
You dumbass. Warhound just looks like trash. No color, no textures, inferior lighting to Uncharted, and I could go on. Even COD4 > Warhound.
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power of Green  +   2877d ago
GET the fuc out of here you POS we heard you the first time you fucin idiot you hate the game you think it look bad because you're a sony troll.

Nothing on the PS3 looks as good as the best 360 games Uncharted is rubbish.

Those games you mentioned are no where near as complex. There last generation games with nextigen paint.
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poos3  +   2877d ago
played uncharted and yes its garbage the game has sooooo many cut scenes its a joke of a game uncharted look like plastic this game beats all ps3 games to date graphically so dont even compare kid
destroyah  +   2877d ago
@ poos3
LOL you just joined n4g 22 minutes ago. what's your real account? are you that desperate to try and prove a point? are you pissed that your 360 has no good games this year? Uncharted is a first generation PS3 title and it STILL kills all 360 games. textures, lighting, foliage, you name it. it's embarassing to see the PS3 graphically raping the 360 this soon
Sangheili85  +   2877d ago
Hey i recently purchased my PS3 and uncharted and ill be honest it looks good but not what fanboys like you hail it to be. I mean come on i thought only xbox had texture pop ups. Guess i was way wrong. Either way it looks good don't get me wrong but not CGI good. some parts look great some not so good but the cut scenes look great the animations in both cut scene and game are awesome. I just hate the controller set up. shoulder to shoot?..
Dr Pepper  +   2877d ago
The game is looking very nice. Looks like environmental destruction will be a big feature in not only Bad Company, but Warhound as well.
Pain  +   2877d ago
Just Another FPS Xbots Prop up as a AAA and fight it to death....
I bet ther will be a PC version always is with xbox games so not really a Exulusive,
mabey for a few months about it, and when the PC version comes out no dought
it will be more then Xbox version trys to be.
InMyOpinion  +   2877d ago
I didn't know Techland were also the developers of Dead Island. I don't know much about the developer so I won't get caught up with the hype before I've actually played the game myself. Screens look really really nice though =)
Chad Warden  +   2877d ago
Meh. Another generic FPS that will fall short.
There is nothing special about this game at all. Call of Duty 4 looks better, Crysis looks better, Far Cry 2 looks better, even Haze looks better. Why do all 360 games have such bad textures all over the place? And then it takes a while to load them too, like they randomly pop up.

This game looks like just another FPS.
InMyOpinion  +   2877d ago
Go wash your braces...
THAMMER1  +   2877d ago
blade206  +   2877d ago
just what the 360 needs another fps plzzz
THAMMER1  +   2877d ago
What is wrong with FPS's!?
What is the real problem?
RIPHDDVD  +   2877d ago
oh look another generic FPS for 360
this is getting old. where's the variety?
Sez  +   2877d ago
i guess we all can't have a generic rpg like ff. only thing diffrent about it is the story. still plays the same as every other rpg out.
BWS1982  +   2877d ago
first off, I'm not a fanboy of any side
just want to point out that I saw some shots of this on IGN and read into the plot, there's actually nothing quite like it, you're a merc and simultaneously competing with other mercs for jobs/hits, and can even take on the competing mercs. Locales go across the globe (unlike the superb Mercenaries game) depending on where you want to go. Sounds fairly original to me...

Again, not trying to flame or insult, just clarifying on what it's actually about.
mullet  +   2877d ago
Lol look at the plants.
They remind me of the PS1 days.
Meus Renaissance  +   2877d ago
Regardless if it's a FPS (they sell well on the Xbox), this game looks very niiice.
jaja1434  +   2877d ago
They sell well on everything.
elijah510  +   2877d ago
WOw another FPS tittle 4 my 360, with need some innovation Microsoft start accepting other exclusive thats not FPS please.
jaja1434  +   2877d ago
Like Mass,Alan,Lost Od.,Fable and so on...

So does this mean that I can just blow off MGS and KZ because they are just another shooter?
poos3  +   2877d ago
sony trolls are crying the 360 line up is looking amazing and they are having a period about it DONT FORGET UR PAMPERS DYPERS AS ITS GONNA be a long period girls.
heihoosilver  +   2877d ago
last time i check ps3 has it´s share of fps, what a hell the big guns for ps3 are fps(killzone2,ut3,haze,rfom,co d4,rfom2). i don´t see the big deal, i like a lot of fps. people like to say crap without looking fisrt for the facts.
Caspel  +   2877d ago
I am more excited for Dead Island than Warhound; but that's just me
InMyOpinion  +   2877d ago
I want to see more from both of them although zombie games always greatly appeal to me.
cartman313  +   2877d ago
Can we get some RPGS? Maybe some more platformers, Horror puzzle games perhaps? Enough with the damn shooters.
jaja1434  +   2877d ago
Alan Wake, Dead Space, Silent Hill 5.

Good enough for me!
poos3  +   2877d ago
ignore the screaming baby he is just a poos3 tard
green  +   2877d ago
Too human,Alan wake,Halo Wars,Beautiful Katamari,Ninja Gaiden2,Fable 2 and Banjo Kajooie

Last time i checked they were not 1st person shooters.
Sez  +   2877d ago
isn't their a PC version of UT3. so whats your point.
wil4hire  +   2877d ago
Last time I checked, Being on multiple platforms isn't exclusive, which is why no one calls ut3.. 'exclusive' with qualifiers.
"EXCLUSIVE TO THE PS3, and a PC version, along with a 360 version" Would be quite redundant wouldn't it?

Because its on multiple platforms.

The 360 is one of these.

As is the PC.

Do you not understand that?

I'll be enjoying the big 360 "exclusives" on my PC. Exclusively on my PC.

Spike47  +   2877d ago
Are u xbots really making a big deal about this?

No, wait u can be serious. Are u guys serious?

Okay I got the joke now stop u guys are really scaring me.

Please tell me the xbots are kidding, somebody.

1. First of all this is just another fps just like huxley.

2. As u can see, this game does not look better than any of the ps3's games.

I'm gonna compare two pics and post them here between killzone 2 or gt5 or mgs4 vs. warhound and warhound will look like resistance on aplha.


danarc  +   2877d ago
Honestly, Ive seen more maturity in cheese than from this website (random, but true). The game looks good, no doubt about that, but doesnt really compare to Crysis, which hasnt (last time I checked) been able to be ran at 60 fps on full specs. To say that theres no good looking games on PS3 is ridiculous and if you think you tell the truth saying that then you're obviously a fanboy (and you haven't looked at Metal Gear Solid 4 or Gran Turismo 5 :P). I don't know what this game will be like gameplay-wise because, as we know, the graphics can be as nice as they want to be, but if the gameplay is crap, then the graphics are pointless(*cough* LAIR *cough*). The 360 does seem to be overloaded with FPS's at the minute, which is a shame to be honest.

And to whoever said the PS3 has the crappiest FPS's ever, Resistance and Haze...

Resistance was good, wasn't amazing, good online, but not amazing, certainly not crappy, and saying Haze is crappy? One of the most fanboyish things Ive read...

The game isn't out... and when they said it was gonna be released on 360, all you 360 fanboys were celebrating...


Good looking pics, hopefully the gameplays good, as I might buy it on PC :D
Spike47  +   2877d ago
whateva xbots.

this game looks nice, but nothing at all in terms of comparing it to ps3 games.

I mean, how ignorant or fanboyish do u have to be to turn BLIND? XBOTS HAVE CERTAINLY ANSWERED THAT. WHAT BUNCH OF BI**HES

three pics, one killzone 2 the other warhound, and the other haze:



Related image(s)
poos3  +   2877d ago
u just shot ue self in th ephot u haze is a candy coted game that screen has the tv colour setting up high color does not = graphics tard also just check out that amazing destrction and the explosion effect to kno why we are laughing at u ps3tard
jaja1434  +   2877d ago


Looks just as good as Haze does... Next time if you want to compare games, try comparing two like scenes.
Chad Warden  +   2877d ago
Why aren't you people showing GAMEPLAY screens with a HUD?
Apparently you 360 fanboys are so excited that you're losing your brains lol. PS3 graphically killed the 360 last year with Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank. Sad, I know. 360 came out two years ago and it's power is already being maxed by devs. Valve stated The Orange Box was using 90%+ of the 360's power. Sad huh?
lawgone  +   2877d ago
Seriously Spike and Chad...explain it to me. What is this need to say "my PS3 is better than your XBox360" over and over and over again? I mean, you do realize how immature it sounds, right? If you don't, I'm telling you now. Play both systems, they're both good in their own ways and to say otherwise just shows you to be a fool. You're no better than the "xbots" you like to talk about. Seriously, I have seen children playing in the sandbox with more maturity. I wouldn't even care but I'm tired of having to scroll through all your flaming to find one or two useful or interesting comments.
chelseafc  +   2877d ago
power of green and the rest you all the best. finally ps3 fans arnt no where to be seen sony fans really thought its going to be all ps3 lollololo just keep collecting ur updates waaaa haaa. bubbles to all 360 fans
#25 (Edited 2877d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
tomfoolery  +   2877d ago
Hey ps3 punks,listen here!
You guys can have Blew Ray!
We'll have the games!
Fair enough.
The games the 360 has and will be getting must really be KILLING you Playstation punks!

Like my buddy at Best Buy tells everyone..................if you want the next best HD movie player,buy a Ps3.
If you want the next best gaming console,buy a 360!

And he sells 360's in droves,Ps3s, here and there.
You can't have it all you crawling little Sonyonly droids HAHA!

To other Americans on this site.
How about we do what Japan does,and buy our own countries console.
If they won't buy the 360.....why should we buy a ps3?

I'm leaving the WII out of this for they're not the problem.
The real problem is soon to be over powerful Sony.

Buy MSs 360 my fellow Americans..................
not Japans Sony PS3.

Just like Sonyonly boys do...............except they spread their legs too!

to scumball Sonytwit BeLOW me......
you know why I have one bubble,just like many other 360 fans.
Because bored Sonypunks like yourself are a virus on this site
and take bubbles from anyone pro 360.
Don't ask stupid questions jr.
You along with your trolling Sony squad are the losers buddy!
I feel real sorry for you 3rd placers this gen.
#26 (Edited 2877d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
destroyah  +   2877d ago
you have one bubble
just one. why? because your posts are stupid and everyone disagrees with them. you really think anyone cares about what you think? lol. i feel bad for you 360 owners man, it's like there are no good games out there for you losers this year
chelseafc  +   2877d ago
destroyah go play fall of kak or erm watever other bull lol 3.2 update 4 piss3 soon haaaaaa
jaja1434  +   2877d ago
Looks good!
Chad Warden  +   2877d ago
360 owners are having a pretty bad year.
We, as PS3 owners, should just laugh at them from now on. I mean, the 360's power was already maxed out by Halo 3. Why else do you think they couldn't even make it HD? They threw in 4 player co-op so the graphics had to be downgraded into looking like a last gen title. These Warhound screens are, apparently, running on a PC. The 360 will get a port of it with even worse looking textures.

I say we pity the pissed off 360 owners that wasted their money on HD-DVD add ons. What else can we do? We already know they're going to end up in third in the console race.
InMyOpinion  +   2877d ago
Nervous? =)

All this rabid bashing of yours just makes it clear that you feel a need to downtalk this game(and many others) as much as possible because you know it looks great and you feel threatened by it.
Eclipse  +   2877d ago
I honestly
don't understand or comprehend why the heck they say this game looks better than ps3 games.

I mean have they gone insane? I have both systems and happy with both but this game does not look better than ps3 games.

Haze,mgs4, gt5,killzone 2 all look better and who cares about graphics what about gameplay?

Mgs4 has both and does good at both.

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