Xbox Evolved - 2 Exclusive New Warhound Screenshots

Dakota Grabowski writes, "Xbox Evolved has received two new -- not to mention exclusive -- screenshots from Techland for their upcoming shooter, Warhound."

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mesh13623d ago

damn very very impressed makes ps3 games look like a unfiniahed game this game looks amamzing and its a 360 exclusive if u own a ps3 u wont be p0laying this game the game looks amazing so i can tell with the no1 sony troll jumping at it wiifire of what ever he is called this game is a major threat to him i can tell 360 is going to wipe the flaw with ps3 as we can tell from these early screens of warhound

GIJeff3623d ago

mesh, do not type. Just have these thoughts in your head and be done with it.

poos33623d ago

mesh1 says the truth some people cant deal with the truth ps3tards

LastDance3622d ago

I bet this game has an awsome storyline. possibly as innovative and imaginative as Halo or gears of war!

your kidding right..two pictures of a tank.

Are you all completely brainwashed or is this the most exciting thing for you this year?

theres not one bone in my body that is curious about this game matter what system its on.

My Crap has had better prospects.

HateFanboys3622d ago

Whats so special about this nobody game from a nobody company? The graphics look like COD3. Fanboys are a funny thing.

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ichimaru3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

i wondered when they would mention this game. the devs have been tight lip and i have been looking for some info on this. is this the 360 version? if so, this is crysis for the 360, as someone stated before.

ichimaru3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )


Ko_Uraki3623d ago

LOL Your fantastic hardware has some of the crappiest fps ever (resistance and Haze), while the xbox360 continue to amaze.

InYourMom3623d ago

I'm telling you just play Medal of Honor and then play Resistance Fall of Man. It is the exact same game except MoH looks better and Resistance has aliens and more weapons. I bought that game and was like WTF is this.