Retrospective Return - Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Avid Gamer writes;

"Retrospective Return is a look at older games to see whether they're worth a revisit. Ranging from unknown gems to bargain bin failures, we'll revisit any games that we think deserve it.

There are few things that still get's my inner child excited. When the rarity does occur, it's usually because I'm either watching Star Wars or secretly basking in the greatness that is Lego. Therefore it's probably not difficult to guess my reaction (back in 2005) when the first Lego Star Wars was released. A combination of my favourite 'franchises,' in a video game form is a design choice made in heaven. It combined family-friendly humour with easy to pickup fun gameplay, which meant that it could appeal to all ages and genres..."

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Snoozer2823963d ago

On a more personal note, I do love the LEGO chewbacca in that screenshot.