On a Search for Gems – Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Review []

W75's Blair Hicks takes a look at this new free game from Alawar Entertainment for the PlayStation Vita.

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Vitalogy1977d ago

I really don't get why a few people rant about this game. Fact is it's free you don't have to buy anything to progress in the game, I'm on level 11 now and didn't bought either lives or gems, its a matter of luck, a bit of skill quickyness and time. That's it! Unless you don't have patience then don't download the game and don't play it, just not need to bash it because you suck at it and/or don't have patience because IT'S FREE!

MasterCornholio1976d ago

I downloaded this game a while back and it's quite fun. People complain about the gem and heart system but the truth is if you have a little patience the game is completely free.

In the future due to PlayStation Suite I expect a few more free games and apps like this.