Dead Or Alive 5: Toning Down The Sexy & Life After Itagaki

NowGamer interviews Dead or Alive 5 director Yohei Shimbori about how the team's vision has changed since Itagaki left, the inclusion of Virtua Fighter characters and new gameplay and multiplayer info.

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fastrez2061d ago

Glad Itagaki is out of the frame. Will probably shift the focus from breasts to making the combat the best in the series.

Kalowest2061d ago

"combat the best in the series."
We thought that would happened with NG3, look how that turned out.

Lucretia2061d ago

Except that NG3 never looked good in the trailers. it never showed anything new besides the stealth.

DOA5 looks and plays absolutely amazing. have you played the demo? its in Alpha form and it craps all over Doa4

WetN00dle692061d ago

The game would have been much better if Itagaki was at the front like with the last titles! TN needs Itagaki more than he needs them. No if's or Buts about it!

Redempteur2060d ago

Actually people have already a taste of the new DOA it's more about combat than just a pretty fighter ...

Baka-akaB2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

yeah but NG3 was hiding its demo till now and never looked good , while some could actually try a doa 5 alpha build , and so far it's good . Only thing stopping me would be if i dont have enough cash for that and tekken in september , with a priority to tekken

Grimhammer002061d ago

I'm not trying to sound like a anti-prude....

But the series has always been about sexy or the top stereotypes. While the fighting might be best ever in it better than tekken or sf?


But needs the idenitity it was founded on. And gamers will expect it. And gamers will feel disappointed if it comes across as diluted or hindered by political correctness or whatever.

Just sayin'

Redempteur2061d ago

not really the serie was about a easy access to fighting for everyone ..Have you played DOA1 ( not remake ).. the focus on "sexy" Only started With DO3/DOA4/ULTIMATE

Baka-akaB2061d ago

Yeah for all the talk about sexiness , Soul calibur was even showing more with it's customs and characters .

DOA xtreme is softcore bait , but the main games ? Meh you dont even notice beyond the first 5 min at laughting at the boobs physics .

WetN00dle692061d ago

Without Itagaki, Team Ninja Games SUCK! You guys now it as well as i do. So stop fooling yourselves when you say that, Since he is out of TN, games can now focus on game play rather than the sexiness of the females. Just take a look at the disgrace that is the new Ninja Gaiden things would have turned out much better if Itagaki was at the helm of things.

fastrez2061d ago

Itagaki, the same man who took a great fighting franchise and turned it into a playable wet dream about volleyball.

Yeah, ok

Baka-akaB2061d ago

again NG3 is a stupid example , and we can already play an unfinished doa 5 to get an idea . What is is shown so far isnt crapping on the serie like NG ..

Even if it might not please some doa fans based on stuff like the new "realistic design" , gameplay wise it's still at least doa ... not "some game formely known as , dumbified for silly reasons" like NG3.

WetN00dle692060d ago

Playable wet dream or not its still much better than Ninja Gaiden 3!

lastdual2061d ago

Sorry, but I like having 20+ sexy costumes to unlock.

There's nothing wrong with a little sex appeal, and all those unlockables genuinely added replay value to the game. DOA doesn't have to be as serious as SF/VF/Tekken. It can be its own game with its own sexy quirks and be better for it.

The new Team Ninja just sounds like they're taking things too seriously.

fastrez2061d ago

Taking it too seriously? Sorry, have you seen the trailers? Throwing people into the path of a jumping car is serious is it?

What's metal gear? High art?

lastdual2061d ago

"Serious" in fighting game terms.

Obviously games like Street Fighter and Tekken have plenty of ridiculous aspects to them as well. The point is that DOA's unlockable costumes and sex appeal wasn't some detrimental aspect that dragged down the rest of the game.

Those elements made DOA unique. If some people took the game less seriously as a result, who cares? Not every fighting game has to appeal to the same crowd.

Baka-akaB2061d ago

I doubt the sex appeal is gone . Even allegedly serious fighting games use as much skimpy outfits and body proportions .

Let's wait and see if indeed they drop the unlocks , wich i doubt . Imo it was just PR talk to attract the people usually put off my DOA and calling it "some perv game " , and/or to sell the new non anime based design .

EverydayGuy2061d ago

Hope the characters look a little bit more realistic than breast surgery for all its female characters

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