PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Is This the Best Title Sony Could Make?

Does the title sound as exciting as the game itself? If you answered yes then you must enjoy playing Nintendo Superstars Smash and Bash or Nintendo Super Speedway Race to the Finish in your free time.

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Chaostar2154d ago

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Campy da Camper2154d ago

Not when you forget your girls birthday.

MaxXAttaxX2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

It's overstated and makes the title a bit long.

"PlayStation Battle Royale" sounds more memorable.

greyhaven332154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Sadly I fear your comment is over the heads of the majority of people on this site

Treezy5042154d ago

You're right the name doesn't matter as long as the product is amazing, but I did hear a name that pretty much summed up PSASBR

How about PlayStation Universus

maybe capitalize the V in the title .

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majiebeast2154d ago

Its become so bad that now instead of focusing on gameplay journalists focus on the name of a product. Gaming journalism at its best right here on n4g. Or should i say n4marketing folk

flavorbabies2154d ago

The comments on this article: its the gaming community at its best right here on n4g.

PR_FROM_OHIO2154d ago

I'm sorry but it's not original!! They got the idea from Super Samsh Brothers!!!

Wintersun6162154d ago

They took a concept and modified it to be different from the "original". I'm pretty sure SSB wasn't the first brawler out there either, it was just the first to contain lots of Nintendo household characters. There are only a handful of truly original and unique games and almost every modern game has it's roots somewhere.

DoomeDx2154d ago

Super Smash Brothers aint original aswell.

I remember an old third-party PSX game. Kind of underrated, but i forgot the name. which was exacly like SSB

The_Nameless_One2154d ago

You people can disagree with Wintersun616 comment all you want but it doesn't change the fact that he's right. I sure wish people would explain themselves when disagreeing with something. Would make a whole lot easier knowing the trolls from the people who actually have something to say.

Wintersun6162154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Thank you, The_Nameless_One, good to see at least someone understands my point.

Again I find myself explaining my thoughts further; There were several brawling games out there before SSB. SSB took the basic concept of those games but made the characters be known characters who we're more or less affiliated with the brand Nintendo. I'm not saying SSB is entirely without innovation or originality.

Now when I look at PSASBR, I see a game that's going to take the basic concept of SSB but judging from the clip that was on GTTV, they have changed things too. On the surface they might look very similar, but when you pay attention to detail, you would know it's not a "blatant copy" of SSB. Naturally, SSB is the more original game of the two, but if PSASBR is a carbon copy of SSB, then I guess Forza is a carbon copy of GT and *game X* is a carbon copy of *game Y with similar gameplay and earlier release than game X* too.

The_Nameless_One2154d ago

It's usually kids or fanboys that have no idea how game development works or have little knowledge of older games.

Larry L2154d ago

While I 100% agree with you wintersun, that SSB was not the first brawler. I believe powerstone was before the first SSB (though I may very well be wrong there. And even if I am wrong, the point still stands that there have been casual brawlers before Super Smash Bros.

That being said though, I do believe Nintendo invented the concept with the ORIGINAL Mario Bros in arcades. You know.....the one that was just Mario vs Luigi on 3-tier levels jumping on each other's heads. If you aren't old enough to remember that actual game or never saw it in arcades (it was pretty rare because it was a lame game no1 wanted to put quarters into), Nintendo added an updated version of it for people to play in Super Mario Bros 3, I'm sure everyone remembers that. It was the same thing.

So you're right, Super Smash Bros wasn't an original idea at all, it's just the best exectuted game of that type so far. And you can't expect Sony to not base their brawler on the best brawler out there. Sony IS ripping off Smash Bros a bit, but I don't think Sony is ripping off Nintendo any more than any other comany rips off another when making the same kind of product. You can't make it worse than an existing product and expect it to sell, right?

But all that being said........I would say, because I've been a gamer for a long time, that Nintendo DID in fact create the brawler genre back in the early 80's, pre-NES, with Mario Bros in arcades. (though I don't remember off the top of my head what the EXACT name of that game was....I think it was just Mario Bros, but it could have been called something else. I was literally 8 yrs old the last time I saw one of those machines)

smashcrashbash2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

It's not their fault. You can't blame their ignorance. Many people out there don't even know about the games that existed before SSB and don't want to know. They exist in a gaming bubble and know nothing about what existed before their favorite games did.

Even game journalists constantly flaunt the fact that they know next to nothing about gaming history by trying to as they cause chaos by trying to make the companies look like they have come up with something new and snub anyone who points out that it was done before.

At one time you needed gaming knowledge to become a gaming journalist but it seems that these days they seem to just take any person off the street, dress him up and let him type drive on a website. As long as PASBR is fun and well done I couldn't careless. I loved SSB and if this is just as good or better that's fine. I am especially loving the three special bars. That means three times the special attacks and three times the awesome.

@ Larry L. Just a suggestion. I agree with what you said but 'ripping off' is a fanboy word. Many companies 'copy' what each other does. If Sony came up with a winning idea e.g. double joysticks on a controller you would see how fast others would follow suit. Would you call the fact that Microsoft and Nintendo followed Sony's idea to put double joysticks on a controller 'ripping it off'?

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Angrymorgan2154d ago

I couldn't care less if it is a rip off.
As long as it's a good game, why should we care?

Pintheshadows2154d ago

I used to have a cat called Angry Morgan.

Anyway, I wish more people took your viewpoint. Everything rips off everything nowadays and you'd have an embolism if you worried about every one.

Angrymorgan2154d ago

Exactly, why stress. Just have fun with your games.

TheFallenAngel2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Why so much hate towards this game? Because its taking the formula of an amazing game? I rather play as kratos and sweet tooth than mario and luigi. Plus the previews are saying that its a fun game with great characters, maybe that's why they hate it. Because of the better characters.

dark-hollow2154d ago

Or maybe because its a blatant copy of SSBB?

Wolfbiker2154d ago

How is that a bad thing?

As long as its fun, who cares?

dark-hollow2154d ago

"who cares?"
the people who put a lot of effort making their games just to get ripped off blatantly by another dev?

Larry L2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

First of all....everything is a rip-off of everything at this point. There are no more.....or at least VERY few, completely original ideas (in fiction) at this point. And you really just have to call it "an homage" if anyone starts talking "rip-off".

The fact is, it's shocking to me that a Super Smash Bros clone hasn't already been made YEARS ago by some random 3rd party or indie dev with tons of random characters no1 has ever heard of or cares about.

IMO that is the ONLY reason it hasn't already been done many times already. Because what other company besides Nintendo has a roster of characters in their stable to make a decent brawler or fighter? There's only one or two other companies with the roster.......Capcom, who've been using their characters for x-over fighters for almost 2 decades, so they've already done it........and maybe Square Enix, who have now done a fighter AND a brawler with their characters (Eherghiz and Dissidia). There's only one other gaming company left with a roster worthy of a fighter/brawler, and that's SONY. And I say it's about time they did it. It something people have been asking for since the PS2 days.

Kalowest2154d ago

Kratos sucks
Mario, Luigi, and Fox are awesome.
Kirby is even kickass.

pandaboy2154d ago

yeah, from what I've seen of the roster so far it leaves a lot to be desired. Just shows you how weak the playstation character roster actually is. I mean fat princess, come on, surely they have some more recognisable characters than that...

Wintersun6162154d ago


Sackboy, Cloud, Tifa, Vincent, Squall, Tidus, Vivi Ornitier, Balthier, Kratos, Zeus, Ares, Sweet Tooth, Nathan Drake, Sully, Nathan Hale, Sev, Solid Snake, Big Boss, Liquid Snake, Raiden, Wander/Ico, Crash Bandicoot, Cortex, Spyro, Cole MacGrath, Dante, Gabriel Logan, Sly, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita Fox, Ratchet, Clank, Dr. Nefarious, Captain Qwark, Jak, Daxter.

That's just off the top of my head without much thought put into it, and I even left most of the villains out of it. If you happen to recognize only a few of those names, then all I can say you've been missing out on A LOT of good games.

pandaboy2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )


anyone can list a majority of unrecognisable non-popular playstation characters with 3rd party characters to make a list look big, that doesn't mean they have mass appeal like nintendo characters do. It doesn't mean I don't think those game aren't good either.

I expected that illogical response when I wrote my reply. Can't believe how often people use the straw man fallacy on this site. It's pathetic that I have to clarify myself like this.

Lord_Sloth2154d ago

Ostrava, Yuria, Maiden in Black, Dart, Rose, Lloyd, Sackboy, Drake, Chloe, Lezaravich, Yoshitsune, Shizuka, Wander, Ico, Kratos, Zeus, Parappa, Lammy, Logan, Lian Xing, Hale, Capelli, Chimera, Cole, Ratcher&Clank, Dr Nefarious, Jak&Daxter, Radec, Sevchenko, Nariko, Kai, Bohan, Rohn, Atta-Kai

I could go on and most of those names are quite recognizable and NONE of them are 3rd Party.

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WeskerChildReborned2154d ago

Well i'm not a real fan of fighting games so i'll probably be skipping this.

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