New Screens for SEGA's Viking: Battle for Asgard

Viking: Battle for Asgard thrusts players into a twisted mythological world overrun with demonic warriors unleashed by Hel, the Norse goddess of death. As Skarin, a rage-fueled Viking hero, players will wage all-out war to free mankind from the grip of evil and ultimate annihilation. Enemies will suffer graphic dismemberment with disturbing realism from an array of Skarin's melee, range and magic attacks. Upgradable combat skills and Skarin's otherworldly abilities create an ever-changing landscape of epic violence and heroic victory.

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Dr Pepper3989d ago

I'm actually interested in this game. The battles look pretty epic.

mesh13989d ago

ps3 trolls are scared of thsi game it threaten gow as it loook svery very good

xboxman3984d ago

U are a loser with no penis!

Peekay3989d ago

Yeah - looks very promising.

ichimaru3989d ago

looks better than conan