Destructoid - Hands-on preview: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

The rumors were true, and now that I've played it, I'm glad. Sony has been working on a mashup fighting game that pits many of their first-party characters against each other in a Smash Bros. style four-player match. This brawler was shown off for the first time earlier this week at a PlayStation press event, where I got to mash buttons playing as Kratos, Parappa the Rapper, Sly Cooper and others. They call it PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and it's going to be a pretty big deal.

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NukaCola2097d ago

Mother of God....

*removes glasses, a tears falls*

"Thank You, Sony"

DoomeDx2097d ago

Prepare yourself for a flood of ''They copied Super Smash Brothers'' comments!

While there are a billion FPS games out there copying eachother, but thats not a problem! /s

mobhit2097d ago

Of course you won't see those comments. Didn't you know its cool to pick on Sony?/s

Omar912097d ago

What Im a bit concerned of is the point system in the game. After reading the article, it seems like all you need to do is grab the character with the strongest "finisher" and you win. I kind of wish the life system was more about lives then KO's but we will see what happens. Im hoping I still come out impressed.

NukaCola2097d ago

All finishers are the same just performed uniquely different. But it's about building up your special meter, or at least in this mode. Who knows what else they have? I figured there will be a variety of types of battles to include Health Bars, Coin challenges and other set ups similar to Smash or other fighters. and most likely brand new ones. I am sure Sony is going all out with this title.

Omar912097d ago

I truly hope so. This is like a dream come true for sony fans!

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