Joystiq Preview: PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale smashes through the PlayStation library

Joystiq: After months of rumors, Sony has officially revealed PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, a brawler featuring multiple franchises from the PlayStation library. As suggested back in November, the PlayStation 3 title is in development at SuperBot Entertainment. The now-official game was available for hands-on sessions at a recent PlayStation event in Los Angeles.

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MultiConsoleGamer1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


Love the play on words.

StraightPath1764d ago

fansboys are now praising nintendo. They suddenly love smadh bros lol

MariaHelFutura1763d ago

Smash Bros is a fun game, its really not surprising that people would like the concept w/ characters THEY care about. This was a great idea/move by Sony IMO.

Hellsvacancy1763d ago

Well, i wasnt impressed with the announcement, i wont be buyin/playin it, not my kinda game

I wanted summin hardcore, not another silly fightin game