PC Gamer - Battlefield 3: Close Quarters – hands-on impressions of Donya Fortress

Tyler Wilde: "Battlefield 3’s upcoming Close Quarters expansion tosses aside fields in favor of four new, smaller maps with an emphasis on destruction and verticality. During the recent Crysis 3 reveal event, I played several rounds on a pre-alpha version of CQ map Donya Fortress, which we revealed earlier this morning. Unfortunately, my poor soldier spent most of his time bobbing around like a drunken sailor in a dingy as I awkwardly grappled with a PS3 controller. I’m awful at stick handling, but I still managed to get some impression of how a more confined BF3 feels."

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RonaldRaygun2035d ago

"Unfortunately, my poor soldier spent most of his time bobbing around like a drunken sailor in a dingy as I awkwardly grappled with a PS3 controller."

I love how some PC-centric gamers act like playing an FPS with a controller is such an insurmountable feat. It's really not that hard, dude! =D

GamingPerson2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Actually it easy but feels inefficient in comparison to m&k.
After getting used to quickly checking both sides of a room in 0.9 seconds trying to do that in 2 seconds with a controller is torture. Really!

Somebody2034d ago

It feel too slow to look around with a controller. I have an Razer Onza controller with adjustable thumbstick sensitivity but I still prefer using the kbm in certain games.

I've tried the Onza in the living room to simply tryout my PC on the big TV. Yes, its comfortable but again the slowww camera view is too atrocious. Especially with monsters (Dead Space 2) that have have glowing weaknesses that you have to specifically aim at without aim-assist. And don't tell me it's much more "challenging" and rewarding using a controller against such monsters. The purpose of controllers is to make gaming better and more fluid, not the exact opposite.

Legion2034d ago

I used to ONLY play FPS games on PC until the 360 controller came around and I got the button stick combination of Halo in hand!

I still think PC gaming controls are very interactive... but I have gotten so used to the controller on my 360 that even when playing games on PC the controller will be of the same variety.

p.s. I got a controller modified to use mouse and keyboard for my 360. Still love the regular 360 controller over it. Personal taste.

Hufandpuf2034d ago

Read the comments on the website lol. I'm enjoying my popcorn btw.

HammadTheBeast2033d ago

Pass the butter please. So many of those people act like self-entitled 6 year-olds, making it seem as if DICE is shoving this DLC up their asses.

leogets2033d ago

dont see the problem with controller sensativity.i have mine on just over half and i can spin around fast enough to kill someone from behind who is hittng me. the m&k spin is too unrealistic for me. anyway back to article,this expansion pack is getting me hyped.i love battlefield epic maps but theres always room for close quarters gameplay too in battlefield. now we can say that battlefield caters for all and is the ultimate fps. simple as that.