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Mike_Tha_Hero2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Can't wait! I don't even care that it's inspired by Smash Bros. When you take notes from a series that fun, you can only get amazing results.

Nimblest-Assassin2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I love the idea of them mashing up maps. The Gow Patapon one was a standout. As a huge smash bros fan, I'm definitely picking it up. Game is out this year in December... And there will be third party characters. Very stoked for this

BrunoM2033d ago

I agree with you all the way ...

I love what I saw and it look to be a fast paced game that's a plus for the game ...

It's going to be one of thouse games that has tons of DLC but you know what I think it will be the kne game I won't mind the DLC at all as long as they keep more characters coming its all good ...

(hope they make watch one of tem play different hope they don't just add a skin on the character and say its new hopes kratos plays as it shude and let's say Nate does to just hoping that's my 1 fear for these game )

GribbleGrunger2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

what's more import though is the fact that we have yet another studio working for Sony. it's also coming out this year... and who's to say we won't see a Vita version

DigitalAnalog2033d ago

From what I've gathered from the GTTV preview, Superbot is a team composed from SSM studios who decided to set their own independent venture.

Commander_TK2033d ago

Cole from Infamous. Maybe Nathan Drake. Jak & Daxter!

nnotdead2033d ago

i do think the levels look really cool, but i am not a Smash Bros. fan, so my interest in this game is near zero. i know a lot of people do like Smash, so i guess a lot of people will enjoy this.

miyamoto2033d ago

The King of Fighters was released by SNK in 1994
Fighter's Megamix was released by Sega in 1996
X-Men vs Street Fighter was released by Capcom in 1996

But when Nintendo released Smash Brothers its like they invented the crossover fighting genre like Apple invented touchscreen smart phones.

This is an old tried and true genre and successful formula every major game development company should have


LaChance2033d ago

It would have been MS this thread would be up in fire with people calling it a rip-off of Smash Bros.
Now it's just "I dont mind".

MmaFan-Qc2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

after all, arent all the FPS games a blatant ripoff of Wolfenstein3D?

sure the gameplay is very VERY similar to ssb, but honestly its not a reason for the nintendo fans to go apeshit because the gameplay is similar.

..if the game is good and fun...whats the problem? ...and what if the game end up being better and more fun than ssb?

"It would have been MS this thread would be up in fire with people calling it a rip-off of Smash Bros.
Now it's just "I dont mind". "
weird,...because ive seen some peoples calling it a rip-off even if its from Sony,....but hey, every one already know your agenda.

sikbeta2033d ago

I'll pown anyone with that Mofo Radec lol

darthv722033d ago

the highest form of flattery.

This game looks to be fun on so many levels.

SilentNegotiator2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

So a mashup fight game is automatically a ripoff of other mashup fighting games?

yeaaaaaaaah, okay. That's dumber than how every 3d platformer was called a "Mario ripoff" or every shooter being a "doom clone"

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pixelsword2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Not my thing at all, but whatever.

Yeah, it's also a blatant rip-off of Smash Brothers like some writers are itching to point out (and will in the following weeks/months), and SSB is also a rip-off of The King of Fighters/Fighter's Megamix/X-Men vs Street Fighter like axel said. What makes SSB different than those other games is that the characters are from entirely other fighting and non-fighting game genres into one fighting game; so in that regard, SSB has earned that right to be called unique and therefore "first".

Overall, it's not a problem in and of itself in terms of ripping off a game; it's a problem if/when:

- Nintendo goes into it's "mii-too" rant like they did with the Wii, even though the move prototype was shown before anyone knew what the Wii was. In terms of SSB it can also be pointed out that other games like it (and I mean exactly like it in terms of every technical aspect) have been out previous to SSB.


- When the game industry and it's cornucopia of inept writers don't follow it's own genre and give credit for a game that ripped-off another game like what happened with the gears/kill.switch incident.


A game rips-off a character from another game to the degree that you can make a direct connection to another game, yet fans or devs wish to claim uniqueness based upon their own arrogance. (Ken + Ryu weren't the first karate red/white gi characters, for example; but fans deride tekken, kof, Virtua fighter, etc. for their red/white gi fighters).

That's the only problem I have, really.

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DaveMan2033d ago


I'm also hyped because I never had any Nintendo systems growing up, so I never really got into Super Smash Bro's that much. With Playstation Battle Royale, I can finally experience what Nintendo fans have experienced for years with SSB.

I truly hope that Superbot gives the appropriate effort that this game deserves.

MySwordIsHeavenly2033d ago

I'm the same way! Well, sort of.

I absolutely loved Nintendo growing up. However, I never really connected with any of the characters because...let's face it...very few of them have good stories.

Sony characters have interesting stories! I fell in love with them as soon as I bought my PS1. Crash Bandicoot, Solid Snake, Sweet Tooth, and Gran Turismo became my world...

I can't wait to see what happens with this. It's the game I've wanted my entire life.

Awesome_Gamer2033d ago

Its going to be fucking awesome!!

ASTAROTH2033d ago

LOL!!... This game looks really awesome and fun... I laugh because I told a friend they will include the fat Princess... we were joking but now that I see her... my frind must be laughing in awe too!!.

TBM2033d ago

question didnt sony ask fans what type of game they wanted to see/play, and didnt the fans respond asking for a fighting smash up with all the PS characters?

i dont understand why some people are upset over a new game coming out that people want. you go to LoT and you see some of the comments there hating, you go to youtube and you see more hating comments.

i thought the job of the publishers was to give their fans the types of games they wanted to play.

well from the video i saw here go on sony that they are providing their fans the types of games they want.

i have all 3 console and i could only wish certain publishers provided me with the games i want to play.

MrMister2033d ago

I'd like a Sony Character Mash up fighting game too. But NOT a blatant rip-off of smash bros. It looks to play EXACTLY the same. I was hoping for more like a new gameplay style; or at least something like an easier to play Marvel Vs Capcom, or powerstone. But not Smash Bros. It just seems like too much of a rip-off. This is entirely laughable. It might be fun, but it's just a rip-off. And this is coming from a Sony fanboy like me!

TBM2033d ago

Can someone here please tell me what kind of new gameplay can be thought up for this game wit the millions of fighting games already made. what could the developers here do that hasn't been done in any other game.

oricon2033d ago

@axelstone I disagree, yes smash is in the fighter genre however its completely different from the traditional fighter your not fighting to beat someone and get their HP down to 0, its to damage them high enough so you can smash them out of the stage the game is played different, Nintendo created something unique not seen in other fighters with smash, im not bashing this game im just disagreeing with your comment.

StraightPath2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

i wonder if solid snake will make a appearance, as he already did and his levels in smash bros brawl..all they have to do is copy and paste the levels and his moves as he worked great already in smash bros.

Looks fun but the characters will never reach the status of the classic characters and genres in smash bros games.

If nintendo show the new smash bros for 3ds or wii u somthing that will be really sad for sony lol as it is a plain rip off and clone.

TekoIie2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

That would just give people a reason to shout "RIPOFF" if they include a character with the EXACT same moves from another console.

Also not sure if I'm talking my ass here but couldn't there be legal issues if they made a character who played exactly like a character from another game??? Kinda like when JK Rowling sued somone because they wrote a book which was a blatant Harry Potter wannabe.

NBT912033d ago

I didnt see any crazy weapons like there are in SSB though and im not sure if they are focusing on good melee combat or if the weapons just arent in there yet.

Other than that it looked exactly like SSB and thats okay for me, I love that game so much! And now it will be more relevant to me, having grown up with PlayStation =D

I am super excited for this one, and I definitely cant wait to see what new things they add as development goes on.
They definitely seem to know a lot about the history of the characters, franchises and stories which is very good (making Parappa more Kung Fu than the other characters).

Who knows, it might even strum up some interest in a new Parappa game, or if it is filled with PlayStation nostalgia, to bring life back into long forgotten gems. It has a lot of potential because of Sony having a huge amount of material for them to work with.

I only hope it sells well and people dont just write it off as a SSB clone and not bother, anyone who loved that game should be perfectly happy with this.

r2kcipher2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

i agree lachance looks just like ssb with a new coat of paint if you disagree you are in denial. i was hoping for more originality.


master chief vs marcus vs pinata vs nissan skyline. on the kinect would have been alot worse.

ssb is a very fun game and sony has much larger catalog of characters that actually belong in a fighting game unlike microsoft. so the chances of this being a really fun game to play with friends is very high. i will still wait for a demo to make sure.

MoveTheGlow2032d ago

PaRappa The Rapper is this game's Pit - soon enough, people will be a bit miffed that they added this guy to a fighting game, but they haven't seen a significant PaRappa release in a long, long, long, long, long, long time. Not as long as Kid Icarus, mind you, but this is Playstation we're talking about here; they started later.

princejb1342032d ago

Sony if you gonna rip smash brothers do it right by taking everything
Don't do it by point system like don stadium, that game is garbage

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Sticky__Rice2033d ago

Was trying to watch it streamed :/ I missed it. Did they reveal a trailer?

Dante1122033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

My guy streamed it for me over the PSN chatroom. Looked like so much fun, the specials were off the hook. Really reminded me of Smash Bros. which is a good thing.

Dante1122033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

@ Tone

Looked pretty well paced to me. It was also confirmed to be 60 fps.

NBT912033d ago

I have little doubt it will run in 3D too.
They might even add Move support (you remember that right, the controller with a bulb on the end that seems to never get used any more)

TekoIie2032d ago


I disagreed with you by accident lol. But Move support would really help Sony increase the sales of the Move. I'm sure they'll do it since its a game which could easily incorporate the controls (for obvious reasons). It would defo be a good business descision on Sonys part!

Majin-vegeta2033d ago

Just watched and i gotta say it's now my most anticipated game ever^_^.

LOL_WUT2032d ago

Why are you questioning what he likes?

On topic Kratos v.s Kratos v.s Kratos v.s Kratos = win