Nintendo's doing digital distribution? lolwat?

MMGN: OHHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDD! Nintendo has acquired an internets. Satoru Iwata is probably twitting everyone on his FaceTube account right now.

If you haven’t heard the breaking news, Nintendo is going to start offering digital distribution. That’s not other publishers on their platforms, but Nintendo themselves. New Super Mario Bros. 2 on 3DS will be the first game to get the treatment in August, but expect others to follow.

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blinkingfast1978d ago

not really braking news. they like to offer things like that but with no 3party allowed

Jirachi1978d ago

I really wish they would have done this on day 1.

DigitalAnalog1978d ago

The idea of a steam service along with the support of DD...

oh my god I think I might lose it..

browngamer411978d ago

Thank you Nintendo! I think this is a fantastic idea..also I really love how when Nintendo starts upping their game and providing features that fans have been asking for they get made fun of by troll as fanboy article writers-keep it classy.

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