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What seems like a lifetime ago, Sony’s Playstation launched with the first WipEout title, a high-octane, neon-tinted glimpse into an adrenaline soaked future and its exhilarating anti-gravity racing league, and fans were instantly turned on to the furious pace and intoxicating visuals of the Psygnosis racer. Jump forward more than 16 years later and the franchise’s latest, now under the stewardship of Studio Liverpool, launched Sony’s latest console – the handheld Vita, and despite some notable changes, it is still fundamentally almost the same gameplay experience that gripped fans as far back as 1995.

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blinkingfast2187d ago

what made mario cart really fun was the rewards. the banana the boxes with things in them the shells and more. this is what i would like to see from next wipeout. some more in game rewards like shooter games have killstreaks. needless to say they would be save-able and used when you want. like a speed burst but powerups.