Drinking Takes a Backseat to Wii in UK Pubs

The pub is arguably the home of the casual game; the ultimate test of any activity's "pick-up and play" abilities. To survive in this environment, a game must be simple yet evocative, fun yet non-strenuous.

It is no surprise then that the Wii, constantly touted for its casual appeal, is seeing massive success in UK pubs. Right now in London, it is not uncommon for pubs to host 30 player Wii tournaments, and the Wii has appealed to pub owners due to its ability to keep patrons paying for more rounds until closing time.

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lynx1halo3995d ago

UK people LOVE their sauce

Maddens Raiders3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

avenue for where the Wii really treads. A party/social machine first that doesn't need HDTV's nor does it take a hardcore gamer to figure out complex controls and thumb maneuvers. Mix in a little ale and it's casual gaming bliss I suppose. Can't wait for my trip to London to test it myself.

PS360WII3995d ago

heh I wonder how many broken bottles are due to frantic and drunken Wii players. Pretty cool idea Wii + Pub = a good time