"Fun but forgettable." / Bagogames' Prototype 2 Review

Bagogames: A new virus is in town, and it's going to take a new shape shifting hero to conquer it. Can Heller meet his maker and conquer the Mercer virus? Maybe, if Jack ever gets round to beating the missions...

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Ajoyshop2003d ago

I enjoyed the first one. Many people called that forgettable too lol.

Bagogames2003d ago

I thought the first one was. Fun, just forgettable. And characters had a nasty habit of vanishing after giving you a mission or two.

Eiffel2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

"Much of the city looks like it has been copied straight from the 2009 edition, along with many of the animations"

As someone who played the first, and took advantage of the games freeroam for many hours after completing the story, I'm going to have to strongly disagree here. The animations are much more improved than the stick figure node animation I saw countless times, the city is completely overhauled there's life within the streets, visually, and through the AI. It's a rather hard thing to make such a statement on given each zone has a different design. Yellow has shanty towns and Gentek experiments, as well as security scans and civilian aid. Green is a military haven, with civilians in a much more secure area, with minor to larges threats of infected coming through the pipelines of the red zone. Red is a complete hell hole, it's considered the same area where Alex Mercer was in Prototype 1, Town Square being the biggest giveaway, skyscrapers collided into one another, Brawlers causing havoc just about everywhere, large APC military resistance, hundreds of infected roam the streets, attacking anyone, survivors on rooftops, all the same time you have each of these zones with character AI who talk to one another, or even to you.

There's more life and design variety in this game than I've seen in most triple AAA titles. Radical acknowledged the complaint of the lifeless nature of Prototype's chaotic sandbox, as a gamer I can say they've gone above and beyond with improving this.

Bagogames2003d ago

Fair enough. To me it looked very near identical in places, although the draw distance was much improved and the layout had been switched up. The Red Zone looked obviously more devastated and the destruction is more realistic, but overall it just doesn't look as good as I hoped. Doesn't feel as good as I hoped and I can still see the uncanny resemblance to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

Still a good game though, people shouldn't mistake 7.5 as bad just because metacritic are thick.