Nerd Rage- Episode 62- Kill Cam for the Win

Join Fultzie and Ben as they discuss their experiences with crappy hotels, living the dream as a cereal box character, and what they would do if they were a video game character. They also cover the latest in PC gaming news:

Crysis 3 Announced
Sleeping Dog Release Date
EA allowing back banned players, kind of…
Valve and Apple Collaborating?
Sniper Elite V2 offers Team Deathmatch for PC only
Prey 2 not cancelled, but hasn’t been worked on since November
Stalker 2 Canceled, survives as new FPSMMO
Adam Sessler leaves G4

Fultize and Ben also give a review of Valley without Wind, and Ben discusses this impressions of the Sniper Elite V2, now with testicle exploding action!

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