Top Five Halo 3 Covenant Weapons

According to, here are their editor's picks for top five Covenant weapons in Halo 3.

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bohemian 233966d ago

What are there like 10 total real hard top 5.

Charlie26883966d ago

Needler- You cant say to exploding pink homing needles :)
Carbine- perfect mix between accuracy, rate of fire and damage, one of my favorites
Plasma Sword- Deadly effective in every situation, the Flood BEWARE!
Brute shot- auto grenade launcher with massive blade attached to it? were do I sign XD

and finally...(drums)

The Gravity Hammer- cuz if you don't LOVE the Hammer there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you

weapons mentioned in this article
Beam Rifle- I think what hurts this weapon for being even considered on the top weapons is how the games place them, in Halo 2 it was pretty much your only sniper rifle considering how rare the UNSC sniper rifles was, in Halo 3 instead you have a LOT more of the UNSC sniper rifles and you rarely have the chance of getting the beam rifle still the number one problem is the very easy overheating and small ammo capacity

Plasma Grenade- was king in Halo 1 and 2 but in Halo 3 due to the low capacity and lack of opportunities I found that is probably more effective to use the new Needle grenade than the plasma same goes to the fact that the plasma was most effective against elites to reduce the energy armor but with the brutes you even try to stick them and you get a grenade in the face -_- and lest be honets nobody now a days falls for it on multiplayer >.>

DJ3966d ago

Hell no. Gravity Hammer comes in first, followed by the Carbine and Beam Rifle (those two are equally great to use).

ichimaru3966d ago

i detest the brute shot. way too powereful.

PS360WII3966d ago

No the automatic handgun dohicky whatever it's called. That's the best by far. Once you get double fist those babies game over ^^

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