Will the Next-Gen Consoles Fail?

There is nothing like a console launch to crackle the synapses and thrill the blood. For those who love games, the anticipation of a fresh arrival is an adventure in its own right, a grand hunt across the meadows of speculation and rumor and conjecture.

At the end, we expect to find a great prize, a world-changing event like PlayStation 2 and Wii. We don't set out to corner some miniscule market like GameCube or Saturn. There is a certain necessary suspension of reality, a compact that all consoles are desirable and noble, at least until they are actually in our hands and have an opportunity to confound our faith.

So it comes as a shock when predictions arrive that the next generation – PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 and Wii U – will perform poorly. This week, one analyst stated that the next Nintendo machine will sell only a third as well as the last, while both Microsoft and Sony's consoles will only manage about half as much as the current generation.

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NYC_Gamer1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I believe next gen consoles will be more successful.....i'm sure that the big 3 will adapt to the market and expand with more social features/apps...the casual crowd will play a major part in the growth of the install base along side us core gamers....

StrongMan1885d ago

If you think the casual crowd that bought Kinect will drop $400-$500 for new hardware you'd better think again.

LOGICWINS1885d ago

They will if its marketed correctly. Btw, I doubt anyone is crazy enough to release at anything over $399 this time around.

ElementX1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

People drop money for a new iPhone every 6 months, those are the original casual crowds along with FB gamers

StrongMan1885d ago


That's different. Phones are a necessity, video game consoles are not. Smart phones are basically little computers in your pocket. We all use them everyday and all day. Consoles, not so much. Bad comparison. Can't take a console around with me everywhere to call my family and friends or check my emails. Really bad comparison, dude.

ChunkyLover531883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

There probably wont be a $500 console, and I'm guessing Sony and Microsoft will continue to market current consoles to the more casual gamers, even after the next iterations are out.

Consoles should do fine as long as they are priced right, have some quality launch games and are accessible.

LOGICWINS1883d ago

"People drop money for a new iPhone every 6 months, those are the original casual crowds along with FB gamers"

Just because people drop money frequently on one thing doesn't mean they will automatically be willing to spend on something else.

By your logic, $300 Sony Ericsson phones should be selling like hotcakes since people buy new $600 iphones every six months right?

herp derp

manman61883d ago

@StrongMan But buying a new phone every few month is really not that necessary. Apple just knows how marketed they products that make you think you are getting the next big thing.

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CarlitoBrigante1883d ago

I think WiiU will fail, its a novelty

I think nextbox will fail too, since they will focus only on Kinect

PS4 will please both the casuals and hardcore gamers.

Long Live Play!

1883d ago
raymantalk11883d ago

the only thing MS are the masters of is spending loads of money on marketing and that is all to be a master of marketing is to spend your money wisely not spending 500 million or more advertising one product, sony may spend allot less on there marketing but they spend it more wisely and they put what money do have in making new products to go with there console not third parties nintendo do the same, sony's only problem seems to be there tv division which they need to sort out quickly.

and dont get me wrong i like my xbox but there is much wider variety of quality games on my ps3 if MS wants to be a master then they should make more first party games and not kinect ones.

LOL_WUT1883d ago

I think only the PS4 and the Nextbox will do good, but i agree with you about the WiiU.

Sgt_Slaughter1883d ago

If you think Nintendo will fail, you got another thing coming. Nintendo is the reason we have the current console generation the way it is... well mainly the strong market share of sales anyway. They single-handed-ly saved the gaming industry after the Gaming Crash of 1983 or 84 with the NES. If Nintendo fails, then the gaming community will slowly start to crash again.

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DeadlyFire1883d ago

You know this only became an issue when games were hiked up to $60 bucks a piece.

I think its about time we see that go back to $50 bucks a piece personally.

I do expect Sony to do better next gen. This gen certainly has been a pain to buy into, but next generation should be easier to get access + more PSN features, easier cheaper game development, and other things all look promising from a concept.

Nintendo I don't know. All depends on if they chose crap hardware or semi-decent okish hardware. If crap I am not buying.

Microsoft. I expect to either push for some new ips or lose some of its crowd to Nintendo/Sony next gen. Xbox Live is nice, but its like sex. If its free elsewhere with less expense. Its more likely you will aim for that. There will be two Online services to face XBL next gen. So something might change.

tdogchristy901885d ago

I would actually agree on a hardware standpoint. Software idk. This past gen was unique with HD and the casuals buying into Wii, netflix, web etc. The only company that has really been able to constantly see consumers upgrade is apple. I just don't see the masses upgrading like they did this last gen unless it's leaps ahead and I just don't see it happening cause we are slowly hitting a wall of sorts. People seem satisfied. Again last gen was just kind of unique and I don't see the same next gen. Sure consoles will survive but they just won't see the same popularity.

PopRocks3591885d ago

Sony and Microsoft survived for quite some time on the core market alone. I think from here on out if any of the big hardware producers bring out gaming hardware, they should focus on the core audience first and casual audience second. Nintendo learned the hard way that the casual crowd is not a particularly loyal one.

ozzywazzy1883d ago

Whether they actually learned is something to be seen. Good points on the casuals and core crowds. The casuals will follow trends hence the momentum going into the Wii, this time around I suspect a very different scenario. Nintendo would benefit by catering to the people that made them the company they are.

linkratos1883d ago

I'm gonna have to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt considering in the past they have always catered to the consumers that made them what they are. And I know they made tons of money on the Wii, but I think it's apparent to them that they need to continually provide their core audience with games because they finally lost money for the first time in 30 years.

Remember, Nintendo intentionally went with a weak console to capitalize on the arms race between Sony and Microsoft. There is no reason that they will still be a gen behind, every gen is a clean slate. Idk why people keep saying they will always be a gen behind because of one intentioanlly underpowered console.

Hicken1883d ago

+Bubbles. That's all I want the gaming companies to do: don't forget the people that let you survive long enough to tap into the casual crowd craze in the first place.

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DeadSpaced1883d ago

I personally believe what could possibly make or break the systems will be the games available on release day. If we find ourselves in a nice mix of casual and hardcore games, they'll be set. (As long as the prices aren't fatal to my wallet.)

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