CES 2008: Video: LittleBigPlanet seesaw level on PS3

A new 1 minute video that showcases a seesaw level and two-player interaction in LittleBigPlanet for the PS3.

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Blademask3692d ago

im sick of these videos, with no one confirming any date for it.

Even on the sony blog they just say 'fall'

THX71683692d ago

I think I read an article on N4G about Sony confirming a September '08 release date for LBP. I could be wrong though.

Tarmgar3692d ago

Give us a multiplayer demo already Sony!!! I wanna at least try this game before I wait 2 years to buy and try!

eLiNeS3692d ago

I like how one of the guys gets stuck and can't get out, LOllOOlOllOLlLOOLOL

LinuxGuru3692d ago

Oh look....another future PS3 owner!

sevanig3692d ago

the other guy is an idiot, he should move to the front plane...

Rhezin3692d ago

LOL this game is for 6 year olds or pu$$ies!

mikeslemonade3692d ago

This game is doing something really special. My only minor gripe is when characters are not moving they face you which is annoying in some ways.

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