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Microsoft’s E3 Show: What to Expect?

After months of waiting, the biggest date on a gaming journalist’s calendar is nearly here. In less than six weeks E3 2012 will show us what the gaming industry has to offer in the next 12 months. While most of the population see June as the sign to start celebrating the beginning of summer, gamers will flock to Los Angeles to hear about the latest announcements, trailers and reveals surrounding our most anticipated games. (Industry, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

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DrPepper  +   1310d ago
what to expect? how about less hardcore games and more lame ass kinect exhibits
TheFinalEpisode  +   1309d ago
That's what's expected from them,but the past months have been too quiet from them to not have at least a few hardcore surprises. Just trying to think positive.
Biggest  +   1309d ago
That's what people were saying the past few years. Microsoft always holds their cards close to the chest. . . Hardcore games incoming. . . Kinect is for hardcore games. . .

It'll be true when it's true.
Optical_Matrix  +   1310d ago | Well said
- The conference will open with a demo of Black Ops 2. As it ends Microsoft exec will come back on stage clapping, giving the biggun about how the 360 is the best place to play CoD and then go on to chat about timed exclusive map packs.

- 3rd party games that I can play on my PS3 as well will be shown, a few of them having 360 exclusive Kinect features (lol)

- An image will come up on screen saying (everything from this point is exclusive to Xbox 360)...we'll then get a demo of Halo 4, Forza Horizon Fable Journey and some Kinect exclusives. We might get a surprise hardcore game but who knows.

- The rest of the conference will be taken up by more news on TV services and apps, as well as throw away features being stacked onto XBL to justify the already disproportionate annual fee attached to the service already.

Good day.
LoudHawk  +   1310d ago
*Slow clap*
Afterlife  +   1309d ago
Your spot on. That's what I'm expecting.
colonel179  +   1309d ago
Very sad that you nailed the conference to the points and commas.

Nintendo is the one to look for this time. It'll be pretty interesting to see what games they will announce, and most importantly, show for the Wii U. I want to know if they will give details on their new Nintendo Network and how they are planning to go agains Xbox Live and PSN.

Sony will be... (sorry to say) boring. It will most likely have great gameplay footage for some games like The Last of Us, and it will have some great game announcements as they always do. Also, they will have the usual montages (which I hate, because I prefer proper trailers). The problem is that it will be focused on the Vita and I don't know how exciting that might be. It can go either way with Vita games: They might either be pretty innovative (like Gravity Rush) or just "console ports" and or games from console franchise, which it would be bad.

Other problem with Sony is that they somehow don't know how to pace the conference, and that is actually the first reason I think it will be boring. All in all, I hope they have at least one jaw-dropping surprise for us (or at least show Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

E3 is going to be awesome this year. My prediction is that Nintendo will have the better conference. They have a lot going for them, and unless they screw it up really bad, I don't see how they cannot have great content for Wii U and 3Ds at E3. Then Sony will take second this time around, and the reason I say it is not because of Sony, but because, unless MS do something completely different this time, they will lose by default.
LOGICWINS  +   1309d ago
YUP, I'm expecting Sony's conference to be very Vita focused...and unless they get that thing down to $199(and include a memory card in the box), nothing they show will mean a damn thing to me and many others since they've priced it out of our reach(Out of pride they won't drop the price at E3, but it will happen at Gamescom).

I'm hoping for something on Agent and/or exclusive features for GTA5 on the PS3. If neither one of those two things happen, then Sony has failed with their E3 conference. You can't tease a Rockstar PS3 exclusive and just kick it under a rug like that.

It's like telling your daughter that there will be a pony waiting in the living room on Christmas morning..then she finds a Barbie Pony Playset on the floor.

Btw...wheres the love for PS Move? I want an AAA Move(built from the ground up with Move in mind) game with Uncharted 2 graphics, a deep story....and blood.
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Biggest  +   1309d ago
I'm looking forward to the Nintendo conference as well. The Vita is awesome, but not as awesome as a brand new toy for the big screen.
jwk94  +   1309d ago
his first three points were just the first 10min!
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1310d ago
Looking forward to the Halo 4 information blowout, and hopefully a Halo Wars 2 announcement.

Maybe even a surprise announcement of Crimson Skies 2.

Rated E For Everyone
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colonel179  +   1309d ago
Really? Two Halo games again would be exciting?
theeg  +   1309d ago
nextbox/720 or gtfo!

yes i am aware they said they will not be showing it at e3, but they will, the 360 is about to go into it's 8th year on the market in november, time to pack it up and get a new one out.

they can still sell millions of lame ass kinects and motion/casual games on that thing

i want halo/gears/fable/forza ect in 1080p at 60 frames with 4x anti aliasing!

let's get this damn gen started!
SignifiedSix  +   1309d ago
You never know. They might be keeping that next Xbox secret until e3 to steal the show ;)
gtxgamer2  +   1309d ago
bigcupofSTFU  +   1309d ago
cant wait for the KINECTBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neutralgamer19  +   1309d ago
Optical Matrix lol im loving how you hit it on the money and plz dont forget all the actors and circus theyll bring along to make it seem supposedly cool.

Nintendo of course will have wii u but tht can go either way. Knowing them thyll shw a few of their regurgitated ips like Mario, pokemon and Metroid on the wii u which will look cute but bring nothing ñew to the table or show what supposedly the wii u can pull off tevh wise except for some gimmicky use of the new controller. Games that can easily be done on say the wii. Theyll shw ports as well. If they dont shw new ips or a game tht wows us saying this is what the wii u can do we all know why and thy can keep tht bs.

Sony usually has the best shwing bcus theres alwats new ips and games with tht wow factor. Thyll shw some good in game gameply of some new titles tht will be quality. If thy focus on vita i wont care as i am a very proud owner who games on it everyday and can wait for the future of this awesome handheld. If by a miracle thy even just mention ps4 lol it will blow the roof off of the place.
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supraking951  +   1309d ago
Blops 2 exclusive dlc announcement, Halo 4, Forza, lame Kinect demo, Done. Predictable
Tommy334  +   1309d ago
I highly doubt splitercell 6. Splintercell Conviction Sold like Crap on the 360!
BlackBusterCritic  +   1309d ago
Well, last year was Sesame Street & Elmo. This year we might get lucky and get Arthur. Imagine this with Kinect:
LoudHawk  +   1308d ago
I would actually buy that. For pure nostalgia purposes

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