Ultimate Collection of Halo 3 Suicide Videos

From the hilarious to the purely idiotic, The Game Reviews presents the ultimate collection of Halo 3 multiplayer suicides.

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Noodlecup3912d ago

cares about the redneck's and racist's favourite game. Let it and it's 10 year old gameplay die please?

fanboyssuck3912d ago

Wow you are the pillar of contradiction. You state that no one cares about Halo 3 anymore yet you cared enough to write that idiotic and sterotypical jargon of a sentence in its comment section. And if its "10 year old style" as you so nicely put it is so unappealing to you then don't play it because god forbid those side scrollers/beatem ups/ platformers which have been around for much longer have such a new style that my gosh I cant believe we don't play more of them.

InYourMom3912d ago

Nice Ownage on that bigot posting #1.

Reported as offensive. Just mad that Halo 3 has sold more copies than total PS3 sales.. LOL

MailMan3912d ago

So much so that they have to resort to virtual SUICIDE,how long until they commit the real thing?I hope they never do so,as their existence serves as a REMINDER as to why SONY are in the DRIVERS seat,why HD DVD FAILED,why the 3FIXME is being OUTSOLD each week by the technologically SUPERIOR console,why Peter Moore JUMPED OUT,why Bill Gates is JUMPING OUT,I could go on forever but i've got to go and play UT3 ONLINE,something the Xbots havent been able to do since KWANZAA.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

InYourMom3912d ago

Who is more depressed than a PS3 droid who has to comment on a Xbox article because he is so insecure??

Just sit right back there in last place.. ouch!

LJWooly3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Um, InYourMom, I find it weird that on every damn article that may suggest that the PS3 has something over the 360, you argue SALES.

It seems that you can't be happy with the fact that YOU like the games you play, you have to argue that they SELL more, not that they're BETTER, but that they SELL more.

Don't talk about insecurity, because it's hypocritical of you. There's nothing more insecure than someone who has doubts about the console that they chose, and therefore feverishly defends their purchase on gaming sites, which is commonly known as being a 'fanboy'.

Also, a Microsoft supporter using the word 'droid' as an insult is pretty self-contradictiong, too. And I don't know what the "OUCH" was about, because there was no 'ownage' by you whatsoever.

I do think that this shouldn't have been turned into a fanboy fight, though. It's purely a joke video, but no one seems to appreciate a sense of humour anymore.

MailMan3912d ago

Notice something MISSING?As in,a few THOUSAND units?Don't worry though Xbot,Xbox Live is still in fi-oh WAIT,it doesn't even WORK!But you still have HD DV-Awww,it's EXTINCT!

It's ok to CRY Xbot,we won't laugh at you for being LAST in EVERYTHING.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

LJWooly3912d ago

Mailman, come on, don't be sad. I'm sure you have a good head on your shoulders, but don't bring yourself down with comments like "Jump OUT and Play B3YOND", you just become easy prey for the giant, bloated, greedy, manipulating corporations that control the game industry.

Also, i'll bet you don't have an Xbox Live account and therefore no right to make comments on it. Leave that to the disappointed users, who actually have a reason to complain.

In short, shut up, unless you have something good to say.

lawgone3912d ago

@3.4 - Well said. Besides, those videos are pretty funny sometimes.

LJWooly3912d ago

Exactly what I thought, oneaburns. There was no reason for MailMan and InYourMom to start a little console war.

No one seems to appreciate a good laugh anymore, which I find a little depressing.

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RoguE3911d ago

If the game was as good as its supposed to be, why are people making videos of commiting suicide? For a life right? Oh well in that case...ha ha.

Mr Marbles3911d ago

that stuff was unbeleivable, I bet Bungie had no idea how huge adding theater to Halo would turn out to be. Halo3 is truely amazing, the real world physics followthrough in that game is just breath taking.