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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale A Huge Opportunity/Risk for Sony

"Unless Sony intended for tonight’s PS3 exclusive announcement on GT.TV to deceive the audience, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from SuperBot Entertainment should be expected to become an official upcoming video game release tonight."

-TheGamerAccess.com (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS3)

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Dante112  +   974d ago
Isn't every new game that comes out either a risk or opportunity? But on topic...

"Will it be a direct representation of Nintendo’s highly successful Super Smash Bros. franchise or do they have a completely original concept in place? We shall find out tonight, but regardless, there is no arguing the fact that this will either enrich the overall image of the PlayStation brand, or leave loyal fans with a bad taste that may never go away."

We'll just have to wait and see how the game is. Can't really judge it just yet (No footage, just wait until GTTV airs before you decide if you like it or not).
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   973d ago
Honestly, I don't consider this a risk at all from a financial stand point.

I expect this game to sell over a million at launch as long as it looks even ever so slightly promising.

From the view point of the fans, yes, this is a risk/opportunity. You can either get people feeling like this game is a Super Smash Brothers rip-off or you can get people feeling like this game is a masterpiece that is original enough to standout on it's own.
MaxXAttaxX  +   973d ago
I want to get more excited for this game because I've been wanting something like this from Sony for a while, BUT I have two fears. The first one is gameplay and mechanics. The second is character roster.
miyamoto  +   973d ago
The King of Fighters was released by SNK in 1994
Fighter's Megamix was released by Sega in 1996
X-Men vs Street Fighter was released by Capcom in 1996

But when Nintendo released Smash Brothers its like they invented the crossover fighting genre like Apple invented touchscreen smart phones.

How can this be a risk when its an old tried and true genre and formula.

MmaFan-Qc  +   973d ago
and after all, arent all the FPS games a blatant ripoff of Wolfenstein3D?

sure the gameplay is very VERY similar to ssb, but honestly its not a reason for the nintendo fans to go apeshit because the gameplay is similar.

..if the game is good and fun...whats the problem?
hkgamer  +   973d ago

I guess it is half true what you said.

King of Fighters was a true mix of all different SNK game but it was released in the era where fighting games in arcades ruled... well good fighting games anyway.

Fighters Megamix was pretty rubbish but I didn't really play it that much to be able to comment about it.

X-men vs Street Fighter was basically X-men game with street fighter characters doing crazy moves to keep up... That was a major risk for the SF franchise I suppose.

But main point I was trying to point out is that KoF and XvSF has solid fighting mechanics and the characters in the game wasn't its unique selling point.

SSB basically relies on its characters and brands. I can't comment too much because I haven't played the game too much and it always felt like a random button basher game that doesn't require skill.
Iceman X  +   973d ago
WHAT??? man Apple did not invent touchscreen phones. They were not even close to being the 1st smartphones or touchscreens.
sikbeta  +   973d ago
I don't care if it's an opportunity from the business point of view, as a gamer, I'll be playing the s*** out of PS Battle Royale IF it's as good as it shows
xtremeimport  +   973d ago
Sackboy is gonna be like Kirby or jiggly puff.. deceiving little bastards. but the eff shit up!
MaxXAttaxX  +   973d ago
Sackboy would have to be in control of a bigger Sackbot because he's only about 8cm tall.

I do hope he's in it.
showtimefolks  +   973d ago
1st of all stop acting like Nintendo was the 1st one to do this kind of game go look and you will find others way before nintendo. And sony has enough IP and enough Characters to really make it work along with having great relationships with 3rd party publishers

since the studio is new that's doing the game that's my only concern hopefully they know how to handle a fighting system that's rewarding
AdmiralSnake  +   973d ago
Yeah Nintendo wasn't the first to do it, so idk why people act like this. Might as well cry about FPS being a ripoff etc.
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   973d ago
Wow! What a completely unoriginal idea. Sony still playing Me too this generation, completely copying Nintendo again.

Jesus, from achievements... errrr I mean trophies, to Wii motes...errrr I mean Move. Sony is such a copy cat this generation.

Game looks like a PS2, Wii mix of a game. Graphics look mixed between last and this generation imo. Completely unoriginal. Wow... this far into the generation, and this is what they come up with
Iceman X  +   973d ago
Microsoft copied Sony also, who do you think had motion gaming 1st? Kinect is something we called Eye Toy that was released in 2003.
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   973d ago
Eyetoy is nothing like Kinect. I'll just stop right there.
CernaML  +   973d ago
"Eyetoy is nothing like Kinect. I'll just stop right there."

Because you don't want to further reveal yourself as being a total 360 fanboy? :P

Defending Kinect was all I needed to hear.

But I would love to see you explain how Xbox avatars are such an original idea. lol
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   973d ago
i better see crash and spyro in this bitch
Relientk77  +   974d ago
It is a huge risk and opportunity for them. I hope SuperBot Entertainment does an excellent job and makes it just as fun, or more fun than Smash Bros.
Dante112  +   974d ago
Word. I'm just gonna hang back until GTTV airs.
Relientk77  +   973d ago
Yea pretty much lol
smashcrashbash  +   973d ago
If it is as least as fun as Power Stone then I am happy. Also why is this a risk more then any other game Sony has released wasn't Heavy Rain, Journey, Fat Princess and StarHawk a risk too.
nolifeking  +   973d ago
I really hope they go with a more power stone style. From where I'm sitting, F*@k SSB and go with what I personally would find more enjoyable.
dredgewalker  +   973d ago
I like Power Stone more than SSB. IMHO I find the fighting in SSB a little too simplistic and kiddy for my tastes since I'm play a lot of fighting games.
Virtual_Reality  +   972d ago
I can see a better Online gameplay and interactivity with PSN in this game.
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Relientk77  +   972d ago
Yea def I love Smash Bros Brawl, but the online was not good lol So much lag its ridiclous
Nick212004  +   973d ago
Every game is a risk, you guys are correct, but no other game for PlayStation has featured all of their premiere characters. If a game like Heavy Rain or Starhawk failed people would just move on, but with the entire PlayStation line up on the line, there is a lot more on the line.
DaveMan  +   973d ago
this is basically why i'm excited for this.

the concept of potentially having cloud fight kratos is to awesome for words.
mbsaeger  +   973d ago
Couldn't agree with you more. Sony has a lot riding on the success of this.
Machioto  +   973d ago
Why? They made this game on the ps3 and not any of their previous systems which were profitable for them,I believe they are toying around the concept to see if this endeavor pays off.
Sev  +   973d ago
I see why you have one bubble. That makes no sense at all.

That's like saying Mario would have failed if Smash Bros had failed. These are mostly established franchises we're talking about.

Quite frankly, this game not performing well wouldn't keep me from buying God of War. And just because it has "the entire PlayStation line-up" doesn't mean it failing would have negative implications on other franchises. If anything a singular franchise like God of War failing would be a lot more shocking and negative than something Sony is trying out for the first time.

Your logic is backwards.
LOGICWINS  +   973d ago
I agree Nick.
pwnmaster3000  +   973d ago
I think your over thinking it.
Just look at mortal kombat.
Name was tarnished by dc vs mk, but that didnt stop fans from loving the newest game.
I dont think if this game bunks, it will ruin the characters image or anything
smashcrashbash  +   973d ago
That doesn't make any sense at all. If a game featuring Sony's characters fails that won't affect anything. Do you really think people won't buy Sly Cooper 4 or GOW if this game doesn't pan out? Or decide not to buy any of the franchises if this game fails. If this game fails I will just move on just like any other game.

The entire PlayStation line up is not on the line. This game doesn't reflect any of the characters within it. You act like the survival of Sony's characters are riding on the success if this game. What do you think that people will reject Parapa the Rapper and Sir Dan if they are in this game and cancel the games they were in forever from their minds.
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BitbyDeath  +   973d ago
Mario movie didn't ruin Mario and thats about as bad as it gets.
lategamer  +   973d ago
Playstation Heroes On The Move had quite a few premier characters.
detroitmademe  +   973d ago
i hope theres more to it than it just being a fighting game though im interested regardless.
Regent_of_the_Mask  +   973d ago
They developed it using arcade sticks so that alone tells you it's not just some party game but that it could be competitive as well.
DFogz  +   973d ago
Not to come off as rude or anything, but where are you getting that information from?
As far as I was aware, Superbot hasn't even said that AllStars is the game they've been working on.
Regent_of_the_Mask  +   973d ago
Of course they haven't said it. It's not time to reveal it yet (but the time is coming REALLY SOON).

There are pics of them using arcade sticks so obviously it will be a fighting game.

Not to mention the creative director provided pics to what they were working on which is obviously PlayStation All-Stars.

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Fierce Musashi  +   973d ago
"it's not just some party game but that it could be competitive as well."

Smash Bros.'s tournament scene says "hello".
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Noticeably_FAT   973d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
ozzywazzy  +   973d ago
Here's hoping to something along the lines of Powerstone or even SSB. I'd be deeply disappointed if it turned out to be another SF like "hardcore" fighting game. We have enough of those.
pwnmaster3000  +   973d ago
When does gttv show anyways
FunAndGun  +   973d ago
tonight, midnight.
pwnmaster3000  +   973d ago
Thank you
Sevir  +   973d ago
If you are on the east coast you'd better be tuned in right now!
:-( i'm kinda pissed i'm on the west! :-( hate that its showing so late!
deno  +   973d ago
Great idea.
impulse135  +   973d ago
lanza de relampago
deno  +   973d ago
hahaha. Great anime show, sad it ended on a foolish note.
Aclay  +   973d ago
Sony should definitely use this game as an opportunity to market Playstation characters who aren't that well known outside of gaming communities and forums.

Over the years Sony has created so many IP's and a lot of the characters created by Sony IMO are largely under the radar-- like for instance I'm sure there's tons of gamers out there beyond the internet communities who've never heard of characters like Sweet Tooth because Twisted Metal was a pretty small franchise and wasn't a huge seller. This game would be a perfect opportunity to increase the visibility of the lesser known characters on Playstation...it just needs to be marketed really well, and I hope it's not some Move Exclusive title either.
brew  +   973d ago
I think many will recognize the character even if they don't necessarily play Twisted Metal. That killer clown is quite iconic from a visual standpoint , and his icecream truck is memorable too.
mayberry  +   973d ago
I've never seen or played or cared about "super smash bros" or have I seen any footage of the game, so if this new sony game is similar, then I wont care at all. I'm sure there are other ps3 owners in the same boat as me too. so I dont think it will leave a bad taste in too many mouths if it is similar.

""Will it be a direct representation of Nintendo’s highly successful Super Smash Bros. franchise or do they have a completely original concept in place? We shall find out tonight, but regardless, there is no arguing the fact that this will either enrich the overall image of the PlayStation brand, or leave loyal fans with a bad taste that may never go away."
DirtyLary  +   973d ago
Damn this doesn't air till 1AM on the westcoast. Should be online within minutes of airing on the east I'm sure.
Afterlife  +   973d ago
Just go to neogaf. lt will be discussed within seconds.
Majin-vegeta  +   973d ago
What??I live on the Westcoast and i always watch it around 10 then again i have dish.
pwnmaster3000  +   973d ago
I know right. Its taking for ever.
I already ate worked out and played video games already.
I guess I have to kill time and masturbate until it airs
GraveLord  +   973d ago
How is this a risk? Unless they're sinking millions of dollars into this I don't see how its could be that risky.

I know many people want a game like this so I think it can easily sell a million units.
SuperBeast811  +   973d ago
I'd rather it play like MK or SF but I guess thats just me i've never been a fan of SSB even when I was a Nin fanboy..
Shmotz  +   973d ago
If it plays like Smash Bros then please let it play like Melee did. Brawl is crap.
Magnus  +   973d ago
I hope they don't forget the PS1 characters like Blasto or Medi Evil those franchises are worth it wouldn't mind seeing Parappa the Rappa in the game as well.
Dannycr  +   973d ago
We can't deny the game is a complete ripoff of Super Smash Bros and I honestly feel I didn't need a game like that because I already have Smash, however, it does look good and looks like it will be a blast to play, however, I do expect it to have anything that separates it from Smash besides the roster.
banjadude  +   973d ago
I was just over at Gametrailers.com, looking at the episode.. and the part about the boss got me really thinking.
It would be hilarious if it was Kevin Butler or Sackboy.
kasasensei  +   973d ago
There is no risk, only a big opportunity. And it will work. I can bet on that.

Kevin Butler will probably be the big boss...

And SSBB was not the first 4 players brawler in videogame history, so no need to cry for N fans...
mep69  +   973d ago
Well i'll buy it :P
a_adji  +   973d ago
They ripped of Smash brothers and put their characters in it...oh the shame. This could be the worst rip of since the motion control and the ps move.

SONY the SHAME :-(
BlackPrince 42  +   973d ago
I hope between now and launch Sony realizes the code name for this game, Title Fight, is better than Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.

What a terrible damn name. Doesn't roll off the tongue at all.
DorseyDean   973d ago | Spam
Friendly_fiend  +   973d ago
i want otacon to be in this game so i hear shout snakes name.

DA_SHREDDER  +   972d ago
I think I'm starting to embrace this? How can I not? Ratchet, Lunatics, Helgast, Chimera, Sackboy, third party characters. The the posibilities of this goes on and on. Next thing you know Sonic and Megaman dlc. Lmao!

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