Halo 4 Premium Theme Now Available For Purchase On Your Xbox 360, Price and Download Size Revealed

If you really want to get a Halo 4 theme for your Xbox 360 dashboard, 343i has released one for purchase, it will just take a little bit of work for you to download the 240 MSP ($3) Premium Theme.

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Megaton1999d ago

Forgot they sell wallpapers for several dollars on consoles. Think I've actually bought some before, too. Am ashamed.

egidem1999d ago

Agreed. I still don't understand why people pay for themes, but unfortunately there are people out there who will gladly pay for themes. As long as these people exist, there will always be a market for such stuff.

The funny thing is you'd actually find free cool themes out there, besting the ones being sold.

Lucretia1999d ago

they pay for themes cuz they think it makes them cool, they pay for them because it says premium. they also dont may not have a ps4 where you can make far better themes for free and use them, tho this doesnt excuse morons on ps3 who buy themes either. The theme has to be absolutely amazing to pay for

thebudgetgamer1999d ago

Paying for themes is silly.

BringingTheThunder1999d ago

itll probably be a preorder bonus

thebudgetgamer1999d ago

Oh, ok that sounds cool then.

TrendyGamers1999d ago

I doubt it, they are giving some away on the Halo Waypoint Twitter account though.

TrendyGamers1999d ago

Giving them away tomorrow.

RXL1999d ago

so is paying for bottled water..but we still do it!


thebudgetgamer1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Yea but at least water keeps you from dying.

Captain Qwark 91999d ago

themes can save your like too!

ginsunuva1999d ago

Unless they're really special dynamic ones.

outlawlife1999d ago

I'm not sure why people complain about paying for the themes, if you don't want to then don't. Honestly as a guy who has worked for a company and made these and dynamic PS3 have no idea how much time and effort it takes to make some of these.

Especially the PS3 ones...a lot of effort goes into the dynamics of those.

1998d ago