Metal Gear Solid 4 limited edition box a possibility

PS3Fanboy reports: This Metal Gear Solid 4 video from Gamespot contains a few interesting tidbits of info regarding the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. First, the release is confirmed, set, cemented and on target for Q2 2008. Honest. There are also discussions within the Konami marketing department regarding a limited edition box for the game - though we're hoping it won't really contain a live alligator or a gun.

Metal Gear Online is once again reiterated as being a pack-in starter pack with MGS4. There's no word yet on whether a full release will be on shelves along with MGS4, or whether the non-starter content will only be made available via the PSN Store. Finally, there's some more in-game footage from the first level of the game. You know, the one you've watched about a hundred times already.

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Appo3966d ago

This is great news. Hopefully it's not priced to high.

Appo3966d ago

What do you guys guess the estimated price will be? I'm guessing it's 70$. It would also be sweet if we got like the entire series for 100-120$.

Marceles3966d ago

Yeah that wouldnt be a bad idea to release a box set with 1-4. I bet it would cost a grip.

Appo3966d ago

@Marceles, I don't think they would price it above 120$. Maybe 150$ at the most.

Mikanstein3966d ago

There is another video of this.. sorry to say .

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