Watch Adam Sessler’s Best Video Game Rants Right Here

Kotaku: It's not an exaggeration to say that an era ended yesterday. G4 aired its last episode of X-Play with popular commentator Adam Sessler as co-host on Wednesday, just hours after Kotaku reported that Adam Sessler would no longer be working at the network.

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Columbo1730d ago

My most favorite and memorable Sessler rant was his one about G4TV's Killzone 2 review:

Too funny

MAJ0R1730d ago

It sucks he's leaving, he was such a good commentator. G4 has now lost all legitimacy in regards to gaming with him being gone.

Game4life1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

after Morgan webb leaves, G4 is completely nothing. Shes the only decent person left

The only other Gaming news guy i like is Greg Miller but he's no Adam Sessler

WeskerChildReborned1730d ago

I don't like Greg Miller but Adam is awesome.

Game4life1730d ago

compared to adam he is nothing but he is one of the better people I see at least in my eyes

oli1730d ago

I hate this guy, couldn't stand him on g4.

SubZeroMaster1730d ago

not suprised at all....first of all this was not funny at all, what soever, i kept asking my self, how/why did they hire this old guy with a balding haircut tell me about games, 9/10 i disagreed with the crap that came outta his mouth

as for G4, its finally dead...i was remember watching as a kid back when they had cinamatech, then for some dumb reason, gaming shows started falling off the network, an being replaced with non gaming crap

ninja warrior? cops? campus PD, what the fuck does a gamer care about this shit??

i rememeber begging my parents to upgrade our cable just to see this channel now im disgusted when i browse by it
movies all day, cops all night

only thing left for gamers may be AOTS,
g4- tv for gamers?

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The story is too old to be commented.